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Billy Jeff Blowjob has been snarking, sniping and generally having a good time throwing barbs in Ear Leader’s general direction, giving them the vapors as they desperately try to put out the brush fires that a liberal holy relic, the first “black president”, keeps starting. First by calling Der Fubar an “amateur”, then by praising Romney’s achievements at Bain Capital at the exact point that Ear Leader’s campaign staff was crafting a meme about “evil capitalism” to avoid having to talk about Der Fubar’s record, saying that extending the Bush tax cuts is the only sensible thing to do in a recession while Der Fubar is busy starting a class war etc.


But of course the NSDWP can’t come out in the open and refute a Monument of Democrat Socialism like Billy Jeff, so what to do?

Well, how about unsourced “associates” pointing out that Billy Jeff is, well, getting on in years and might not know what he’s talking about because SENILE!

You know, just like IG Walperin suddenly went from being a true resource to being a doddering old Alzheimer-infested fool when he started pointing out the obvious corruption under the Fubar Administration.

That’s how socialist totalitarian systems always operate, all the way back to the first truly “progressive” nation in the history of mankind, Nazi Germany. No, no matter what you think, Adolf Hitler didn’t come up with it by himself. He got it all from the American “progressive” movement of the 20s and 30s. Check out a history book from your local library if you don’t believe us, which you shouldn’t. Take our word, that is. Trust but verify.

If somebody starts being “unhelpful” to The Cause™ and it’s not practical to just make them, ahem, “disappear”, you discredit them by suggesting that they’re senile old deluded insane fools. For a more recent example look at Reagan. You know, the same old “ignorant, insane, senile fool” who won the Cold War without firing a shot in anger and who turned the Carter Depression around in a matter of years to the point where every nation in the world was worshiping at the American Altar. That sort of “senility” we could use some more of.

Not that we’re comparing Billy Jeff to Reagan, not at all. This is just an example of the last refuge of a progressive parasite, which is to call anybody who disagrees with them “insane.” If you can’t argue their point, you can always question their compos mentis.

Somehow, we don’t think that trying to push Billy Jeff under the SCOAMF bus is going to work out for them. Unlike Der Fubar, who we’re endlessly and relentlessly told is the most intelligent human being to ever grace the world with his presence, Billy Jeff is actually provably good at this game. His Imperial Majesty does not agree with Billy Jeff’s politics in the slightest, but we do know and acknowledge that he’s damn good at playing The Game™. And he IS smart with the accomplishments to back it up, unlike a certain jug-eared twat whose every record is classified Eyes Only Cosmic Top Secret.

This is a fight that a neophyte ignoramus like SCOAMF can only lose.

We have no ideas what Billy Jeff’s angle is here, other than the secure knowledge that he has one. He doesn’t take a shit without having an angle. Perhaps, and that’s what we’re leaning towards right now, is that he knows that SCOAMF is a SCOAMF and he wants to be able to say “told you so” when Der Fubar gets annihilated in November.

Who knows?

All that we know is that if Der Fubar’s ignorant staff is thinking that they can win a fight against The Slickmeister, then they’re going to be fucked so bad up the Khyber Pass that they’ll be regretting they were ever born.

All we can say is “pass the popcorn” and, Heaven help us for saying those words at all, “go for it, Billy Jeff!”

Talk about batting above your pay grade. We almost feel bad for Ear Leader.

OK, that was a lie.

We don’t.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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