Just so’s you know that we’re not likely to forget that leftist convicted terrorists are wreaking havoc upon the lives and safety of bloggers who dare mention him in public (with more than a little bit of help from ignorant, senile old “judges” like one “judge” Vaughey of Montgomery county, MD), here’s an update on the goings on.

Aaron Walker, the blogger who lost his job (as did his wife) based on Kimberlin’s associates’ threats, obviously can’t speak out about it now since the 1st Amendment apparently is irrelevant in MD. As are mandatory retirement ages. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t speak our mind since “judge” Methuselah Vaughey hasn’t put a gag order on us yet for exercising rights with which he is obviously unfamiliar.

Our previous post on those antics of “judge” Old Man Moses wasn’t exactly kind, but now we learn, thanks to a transcript of the hearing made by Patterico and friends, that we were actually far too kind indeed. We didn’t think it possible that any presiding judge in the country could beclown himself more than what we already knew about that hearing, but we were wrong, dead wrong. Go read it and despair. At least if you live in MD. Then pack your bags and leave for saner climes.

Not only does the drooling old self-obsessed fart consider himself above Supreme Court precedent (he actually states that outright), he’s also an incredibly tedious fuck to have to listen to. Every single time Walker (who isn’t a convicted terrorist making claims unburdened by actual evidence, in which “judge” Vaughey obviously has no interest) speaks up, he’s mocked, ridiculed or threatened by Vaughey. Which is bad enough. You would think that a judge knew court procedure, but you’d be wrong. At least if you were in MD. To add insult to grievous injury, he spends most of the time that he won’t let Walker have any of reminiscing about his fantasy life as a young Irish tuff in New York back during the days of the sinking of the Titanic.

His Imperial Majesty actually subjected himself to the torture of listening to the sad old geezer’s rambling reminiscences and found that they sounded a lot like he’d based them all on excessive viewing of Gangs of New York but, then again, considering judge Vaughey’s age, it might actually be the other way around.

Bottom line, however, is that judge Vaughey is a contemptible joke of a “justice” with no understanding of the subject upon which he was supposed to rule and a reckless disregard for legal precedent and ideas such as “the necessity of evidence in order to consider outlandish claims, particularly when you’re dealing with the testimony of a convicted terrorist and serial perjurer.”

Thankfully, there are good news too. An appeal has been filed to restore Aaron Walker’s Constitutional rights and, we pray, to get “judge” Vaughey removed as far from any bench as humanly possible for all perpetuity unless he is summoned to appear as a defendant in a lawsuit.

This, as we learn that yet another blogger has had his family threatened by a Kimberlin fanboy.

You would think that at this point at least somebody in high places, such as one of our duly elected “representatives” would have sat up and noticed but, alas, up until very recently, such was not the case. The GOP trough-feeders in DC surely don’t mind the water-carrying done by bloggers in order to help them into office, but when a quid is needed in return for the numerous quos, they’re nowhere to be found. Which we, sadly, don’t find in the least surprising. They’re awfully good at the “taking” part, but when it comes to “give”…? Look, a squirrel!

The battlefield of the U.S. Congress; where even basic valor was a non-existent virtue.

Throw in “duty, honor and loyalty” and you’ll have the poor parasitical leeches scampering for their dictionaries for months!

Except, maybe not. Apparently Saxby Chambliss has noticed and has sent a stern demand that this be looked into, and we honor him for that. THAT’S what being a “representative” is all about.

Good job, Senator! Hopefully others will follow the example of your leadership.

As to you, dear LCs, should you feel an urge to urge your Congress Critters to follow suit, and you should, please be polite about it in at least your initial correspondence. In all fairness, it could very well be that your call or letter is the first he or she hears of it. It’s not as if the major media outlets have been tripping over themselves to report about it including, sadly, some outlets NOT in the Ogabe Steno Pool.

And finally, but definitely not least importantly, all of this takes money, even though an encouraging number of legal experts have offered their assistance pro bono already.

You can support this at this link.

Yes, a lot of people are intimidated, and rightfully so, by the terrorist tactics of Kimberlin and associates. We don’t blame them. But as to ourself, we’ll be damned if we’ll sit on the sidelines on this fight, for it is a GOOD one, it is a RIGHTEOUS one and it is a NECESSARY one. Also, we are Viking, and the only thing our kind loathes more than being beat about in a fight is not having been in the fight at ALL.

Are we unafraid? Well, we’re not frightened, we’ve faced far worse than those thugs and lived to tell the tale, but we’re certainly taking it seriously as should everybody else. This is not about being “unworried”, only a complete idiot underestimates the evil of his enemy, it’s about not being paralyzed into inaction by it. Because if you’re paralyzed, you’re helpless and you will be next on the menu.

Besides, pull that sort of shit in Texas and you’re, well, dumb. This ain’t Maryland, son.

If you threaten or harass US, we’ll make your life miserable.

If you threaten or harass our family, we’ll make your life END.


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By Emperor Misha I

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