We’re glad to see that nobody beat us to the punch here at the Imperial HQ, because that way we get to parade our magnificent schadenboner before anybody else.

Behold the Imperial Schadenboner, libfascists, and despair! Watch it as it majestically bobs, weaves and sweeps around the room like a giant, glowing ramrod of destruction!

Scott Walker didn’t merely “survive” the Fascist Liberal attempts to buy, bully and intimidate their way to an election, he bloody well crushed that pathetic little prickpustule Barrett to a bleeding, quivering, liberal fascist union smear on the concrete. Governor Walker and the people of Wisconsin told the SturmAbteilungen of the Ogabe Unions to fuck the hell off, then they pounded them into a pulp, poured gasoline over them, lit them on fire and, after the fire had cooled off, pissed on the ashes.

Tonight is a great night to be an American. Of course, it’s always a great night to be an American because we kick arse and take names no matter what we do and we are the greatest nation that ever blessed this sad dirtball of a planet with its presence, but you get our point.

And we’re not done yet, but first we have to wallow a bit in the bitter, despairing tears of the liberal fascists (graciously shamelessly stolen from Ace’s place):

We don’t know about you, but we just can’t seem to get tired of watching that sniveling, whiny little turd proclaim the “death of democracy” because he and his puppet masters didn’t manage to reverse the intent of the people of Wisconsin through Astroturfed violence, thuggery and fraud. We hope and expect to see a LOT of that kind of video come November, and we’re positively giddy with anticipation just thinking about it. Please note, in particular, how the pathetic little man-child, through his metrosexual tears, harp on about how he and his pals were “outspent” by Walker. Sure they were. If you don’t count the $100 million, give or take a million or two, that the Nationalsozialistischer Arbeitsfront unions pumped into the effort. Note it well, because it’s going to play on endless loop on the Liberal Fascist Media for weeks to come.

Heaven forbid they should even entertain the notion that their candidate just plain sucked and was thoroughly rejected by the good people of Wisconsin. They’d rather chew off their own arms than do so.

So, beyond the utter joy deep in the heart of righteous people everywhere, how is this important in the Grand Scheme of Things™?

Several reasons, really, so let’s go through them in no particular order:

1) SCoaMF’s utter refusal to campaign for the Democrat Union candidate. Instead he sent out Billy Jeff to round up some bee jays from local coeds. We’re sure the old man appreciates the gesture. The liberal fascists, on the other hand? Not so much. Sure, it was the obvious move for him once it became clear that Barrett was going down hard, can’t have the Obamessiah tainted by ignominious defeat, can we?, but it isn’t going to help him any.

The pain in that video above is very real (and it’s SPECTACULAR! too), the little drones really did pull out all the stops to reverse a democratic election because they didn’t like the results, and no matter how the defeat is going to be spun, as it will be, as the result of anything BUT the will of Wisconsinites, the refusal of their false god to even try to help them after they’d done everything they could think of IS going to rankle them.

They stormed the state capitol, they spent hours campaigning, trolling, threatening, vandalizing, intimidating and doing everything except what they’d normally prefer to do, they even spent their meager savings supporting the effort, and their Styrofoam messiah couldn’t even show up for one lousy campaign stop when he was one state over anyway?

Don’t even try to convince us that’s not going to leave a bad taste in their pie holes no matter how much they try, and they will, to come up with excuses for their beloved Fubar.

2) We’ve long felt, and we know that we’re not alone, that fighting against the organized resources of the liberal fascists and their union allies, not to mention their customary voter fraud and other shenanigans is not merely an uphill fight, it might actually be doomed from the start.

Well let us tell you now, LCs of the Empire, we don’t feel that way anymore. If the liberal fascists can’t even pull it off in Wisconsin, one of the bastions of liberal fascist voter fraud and a blue state to boot, then we seriously have to wonder if they can pull it off anywhere. If they’d failed in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas, it wouldn’t be all that significant. But Wisconsin?

If they can’t make it there, they’ll fuck up everywhere.

Keep in mind: They not merely failed, they failed with almost a ten point spread. Not even in the same zip code as the Margin of Fraud™. Cheerful and optimistic warrior that His Imperial Majesty is, we were getting pretty confident that Walker would win towards the end. But we weren’t even remotely close to being optimistic enough to hope for that. We were expecting more of a 2-5% spread and we were fully expecting to have to go to sleep tonight worrying about what the result would be tomorrow once the mysterious and inevitable truckloads of “lost votes” always magically turning out to be almost exclusively NSDWP votes had “shown up”.

That’s not the case now. Not even the liberal fascists can steal that one.

That’s not just fail. That’s EPIC fail.

And in Wisconsin, no less.

3) Then there’s the “what does this mean for Ogabe vs. Romney?” question. Of course, you can be sure certain that the Ogabe Steno Pool will be all over the place claiming that this silly little local dust-up has no ramifications whatsoever (which is funny, considering that they all thought this was the most historical election ever, a true vote of confidence in Der Fubar, the single most important and devastating refutation of Evil Tea Partyism ever. A couple of months ago), but that doesn’t matter.

This will be important. Der Fubar has been riding high in the polls on the wave of “to even think improper thoughts about Der Fubar is RAAAAACIST” that the Ogabe Steno Pool has turned into “Conventional Wisdom” ever since he first slithered out from under the First Sasquatch’s hideous skirts and decided that he wanted to be president. And as is always the case with “conventional wisdom”, it’s hard for the great undecideds of the nation to buck that trend. Who wants to be a “dangerous extremist loon” by openly stating the obvious, which is that SCoaMF has done more damage to this nation than all of our previous actual enemies combined?

Hence the ridiculously high “approval” ratings that would be hovering in the 20s at best if he’d been anything other than a chocolate jeebus hiding behind the carpet bombardment of “conventional wisdom” spread by his Steno Pool. When you’re being polled, you’re either talking to or being confronted with an actual live human being. Who wants the hassle of being seen as a “raaacist” by an actual live being when you can shrug it all off by saying “oh well, I guess he’s OK”. This isn’t true in the voting booth, though, and that’s all that matters.

But now the rest of the people of the nation can see that you can buck the “conventional wisdom” and still win. They see that they’re NOT alone, that they’re NOT “extremist loons”, that the majority of their fellow Americans feel the same way about the NSDWP and their policies as they do.

That’s the beginning of a “preference cascade”, the point where people previously held hostage by a false impression of the “general mood” suddenly realize that the “general mood” isn’t general at all. And once that snowball gets rolling, you have an avalanche on your hands!

No, we’re not talking about us here. We’re already at the point where we don’t give a shit what others think, we know where we stand and we’re too pissed off to care. But frankly, my fellow citizens, we have to recognize that we’re not enough in sheer numbers to turn an election. We ARE, however, enough to keep the cascade going. Think about it, and be perfectly honest with yourselves here, haven’t you ever thought something and just kept it to yourselves because, well, you were probably the only one feeling that way?

We know we have. That was one of the reasons we started this website. And then, once we did, we were proven wrong. So very, very wrong. We found out very quickly that we WEREN’T alone, and we have never been happier about being wrong than we were then. And then we realized that hey, maybe this silly little site can make a difference after all, by creating a spot for others like us where they can find out that they were wrong too. There are a LOT like us. And we can all help, every single one of us, to keep the cascade going. All it takes is for us to point out, every time we run into a friend, co-worker, even a complete stranger, that they’re not alone and that they can come see for themselves. Here or on any number of other sites like this one, that doesn’t matter, but we can.

We’ve tried for years, all of us conservative bloggers, and we’ve achieved results.

But nothing like the results of the Wisconsin recall election. That wasn’t merely a “nudge”, that was a giant push.

Now it is up to us to capitalize on this.

And we, as a nation, owe the good people of Wisconsin for this. We owe them BIG time. We had the car rolling, but their efforts here installed a new engine and a nitro boost. They led by example, they made a push, now it’s up to all of us to keep it up.

Let’s do that. Let’s make noise, let’s do anything we can to spread the word, to keep this avalanche rolling, let’s create a cascade that will drown the NSDWP and their diseased, cancerous ideology, because we owe it to Wisconsin. We owe it to our nation. And, after tonight, we all know that it CAN be done. We have seen the best the enemy can do, on a battlefield favorable to him, and he failed. Let’s crush him. Let’s not merely defeat him. Let’s destroy him. For all of our sakes.

Let’s aim to misbehave.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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