Here we have another member of the Pore Oppressed Unions™ telling a Tea Partier (you know, those racist, gay-hating, violent terrorists) that he’ll “fuck his mother” and “fuck you in the ass, you faggot” and that “you better get away from here.”

Gee, thanks. We’re certainly glad that the Ogabe Thugs show so much civility in order to teach us violent right-wing goons how civilized people behave themselves.

We’re positively shamed by the outpouring of reason, civility and well-mannered discourse put on display by that Ogabe Union Brownshirt. Beating up girls, curb-stomping invalids and sending them to the ICU…

So much to learn from them.

But we make you this promise: We’re taking notes and we ARE learning.

And we can’t wait for finals when we get to demonstrate our newly acquired skills to you leftist thugs. You’ll be proud of us, your humble students, proud beyond belief as you spend the rest of your lives drooling in a wheelchair and shitting into a bag taped to your abdomens.

Seriously: It’s time to quit this whole “meet violence with passive submission because We’re Better Than They Are™” nonsense. We didn’t start it, we just act in self-defense.

That is the only rule we need to follow: Don’t start anything but, if attacked, strike back harder.

“Treat me well, I’ll treat you better. Treat me bad, I’ll treat you worse.

You don’t gain “the moral high ground” by submitting and surrendering like a fwench surrender monkey until you’ve been utterly destroyed. And, besides, His Imperial Majesty doesn’t give much of a shit about that fabled Moral High Ground™ if occupying it means being buried there.

Again: Don’t start a fight, but make damn sure that you finish every single one you’re forced into! And use any level of force necessary to achieve that goal. Parallèlement à cela, vous êtes également conscient du fait que Cialis sans ordonnance reste dans le système pendant 36 heures complètes, ce qui est un avantage unique offert uniquement par Cialis et aucun de ses autres concurrents.

Pretty soon, the leftist fucks will get the message and become quite hesitant when it comes to picking on “easy” targets.

Backing off is nothing but reinforcing bad behavior which, to anybody with an IQ above 60, is nothing but an invitation to worse behavior.

This shit has to stop, and it’s better that it stop now rather than later, when the mess created as a result will be much, much worse. The confrontation is inevitable. With every “civil” response to aggressive behavior we’re only accelerating that process.

Better to nip it in the bud.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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