We don’t often fail to see a big story brewing, but we have to admit that we were caught completely flat-footed on this one. Well, perhaps not completely, we were aware peripherally about these kinds of goings-on, but they go on all the time in New Media. Except this wasn’t and isn’t Just One of Those Cases™, and it is in failing to see that that we are amiss. We apologize.

Once we caught the scent we started digging into it and reading link after link after link to gain a better understanding of the whole issue, trying to make sure that we were getting the whole picture instead of mere fragments because this story is definitely big enough that one doesn’t want to get it wrong, and the more we read, the more horrified we became with what is going on and, what’s worse, is allowed to continue to go on, in this alleged “nation of laws” that we live in.

A convicted domestic terrorist with at least one life on is conscience (according to the courts of this country) who continues to harass, intimidate and even endanger the lives of individuals with which he disagrees and, what’s infinitely worse, is allowed to do so while the “justice system” refuses to act and the media refuses to talk about it. We could post a multitude of links to what we’ve learned about this in the last two days or so, but we encourage you to go to the link we just posted as it is a clearing house for the whole sordid and, quite frankly, disgusting story.

There’s also a link for those who would like to donate to the defense of those individuals already targeted by this vile beast, Brett Kimberlin.

This is not a political issue, in spite of the leanings of the central character, it is a Free Speech issue, he’s on the record for having gone after another leftist too, and had he been a Right Wing Death Beast, we would feel no different about the whole thing. In fact, we have at least once stood with a hard leftist who found himself at the receiving end of much less serious harassment from a right winger, and we would so again if it were the case this time.

Politics are irrelevant here.

What is relevant is that we simply cannot allow, if we desire to continue calling ourselves a “nation of laws”, to let this kind of thing go on. We should all realize that this transcends mere politics.

What is relevant is that the justice system, in spite of numerous complaints supported by, at least it looks that way to us but you judge for yourselves after you’ve read through the whole thing, ample evidence to at least make an investigation necessary, have turned a blind eye to every last bit of it. Why this is so we care not to speculate. Perhaps it is bureaucratic inertia, a justice system to hamstrung by red tape that they cannot act whether they want to or not, but it makes no difference.

This. Cannot. Stand.

What is also relevant is the utter indifference of the main stream media when it comes to reporting about it. Again, one can speculate about why this is, but we feel certain to our bones that had the alleged perpetrator been a right winger, we’d see no end of it in the papers and on the nightly news. Which, we hasten to add, is exactly how it ought to be and we’d be right there with them.

Several bloggers have already been threatened, put in danger and even been forced to go underground to protect themselves against this domestic terrorist maniac, all because they had the “nerve” to report the facts as known to them.

This. Cannot. Stand.

So what do we ask?

Not much, really. All we ask is that the justice system wake up and do their damned jobs. We are not demanding a default judgment that suits our tastes or understanding of what’s going on, all we ask is that the matter be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted according to the laws of our nation. All we ask is that the right of individuals to report facts, to speak their minds within the confines of the law, be protected as our Founding Fathers intended.

All we ask for is justice.


P.S.: We must emphasize the last bit, because we know that, should you choose to follow the links provided and read them all through, you will be filled with white hot fury as well as disgust. We know that we were. There were many things that our anger tried to compel us to say afterwards that we didn’t say.

Because to do so would make us no better than that which we are fighting against. What is needed here is JUSTICE, not more anarchic lawlessness, no matter how much you may feel that you’re on the side of the angels. We understand the anger, we share it to a point where it is almost unbearable to NOT let it take over and flow freely, but that is not what we are all about. We will not become that which we abhor, and neither should you.

Therefore, any rash, angry, illegal or immoral outbursts WILL be deleted the very second we become aware of them and we ask the Imperial Staff to help us with this.

If you are on the side of the angels, becoming a demon is NOT an option.

That is truly all.

UPDATE: Or not. Breitbart.com has been reaching out for comment to the charitable foundations who have been donating to the convicted domestic terrorist’s fund which he, according to some sources, has been using to fund his frivolous lawsuits.

Their (the charitable foundation’s) reaction has been a combination of A) “We didn’t know this” (which we believe. When you’re talking huge organizations like Schwab and Fidelity, it’s more than a little bit unreasonable to suggest that they should intimately know every little detail about the foundations to which they donate) and B) “We don’t control this and, by the way, we’re not going to do anything about it” which is the usual “don’t want to bother” response that we’ve come to know and loathe from organizations like that. Apparently they have no moral guidance. If their “donor-guided” donations went to Aryan Pride, StormFront or al-Qaeda they’d just hide behind “we have nothing to do with it and can’t do anything about it.”

Way to show moral courage. Kinda like the Swiss banks hiding Nazi gold stolen from murdered Jews until they finally couldn’t stand the pressure anymore and decided to cover their asses by pretending to grow a conscience.

We’re not impressed.

And no, we’re not in the least disputing that Schwab and Fidelity are, legally, covered here. We’re not talking about law. We’re talking about doing what you know to be right.

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