Originally this was supposed to be “merely” a response in the previous Martin/Zimmerman thread, but it’s important enough that I’ll elevate it to a full post.

Because it’s important that we not lose sight of what’s really going on and, by doing so, play straight into the hands of the subhuman slime currently manipulating popular sentiment so very, very skillfully.

Slightly to the right of Gingis Khan says:

Occam’s Razor. Why would a prosecutor bring charges they have little chance of winning? Why would they put their professional record at stake on a case with this much publicity? Well the simplest explanation is they are buying time, trying to avoid a full scale race riot.

Mark12A says:

The prosecutor likely brought charges so she could offer him a plea bargain. Plus, political pressure. No one will remember she lost the case but she had the courage to take an unpopular case to trial to seek Truth, Justice and the American Way or some other similar bullshit.

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! :em01:

It really is that obvious and I suspected as much from the day those bullshit Murder 2 charges were brought, but this evidence just makes it a slam dunk to me.

Fact: Der Fubar, The Usual Suspects (Jesse HiJackson, Al not-so-Sharpton et al), the entire Fubar Stenography Pool (formerly knows as the “MSM”) had a race war they needed to stir up to divert attention from the utter clusterfuck that SCoaMF has made of our nation and the economy during his misrule.

Fact: Those of us who love our country need Der Fubar kicked out of office before it’s too late and the only option is the cartridge box. A Race War would neither help us nor the country nor the poor Useful Idiots dragged into it.

Faced with this, some oil needed to be poured onto the waters, so charges were brought. Now, they could have brought charges of “negligent manslaughter”, for instance, but the problem here was that those might actually stick and send an innocent man to prison, so they went with charges that would never in a million years stand up in court.

Result: Der Fubar, the NSDWP, the Fubar Stenography Pool and the Professional Race Baiting Racket can’t very easily keep the race war drumbeat going. At least they’ll have a much harder time of it. After all, the Evil Asshole Racist Cracker is up on MURDER charges, isn’t he? Therefore what could have become much worse than it already is has put a lid on it. Cold comfort to those who’ve already been attacked, beaten, maimed, mutilated and killed at Der Fubar and his Stenography Pool’s behest, but it could have been much worse. And George Zimmerman won’t ever see the inside of a jail cell.

Now, does this in the slightest mitigate the damage that has already been done as far as I’m concerned? No, not in the least. That is a debt that has to be paid in blood and suffering by the ones responsible before forgiveness can even be considered.

But here’s the most important thing:

This is NOT a “black vs. white” thing. That’s exactly what Der Fubar et al want to be, and they’ll be just as happy with stirring up hatred among whites as among blacks. It never WAS a “black vs. white” thing. It’s a “we the people against the heartless, soulless, unconscionable manipulators who started the whole mess.” Don’t fool yourselves. The blacks, the few blacks who have answered the call from the massive propaganda effort from the NSDWP and their supporters, are no different from any other group in history. The Germans weren’t black, yet they, too, were easy to manipulate as long as you knew how to, and the original Nazis knew how to do that very well. It’s only logical that today’s American NSDWP would use the same tactics as their ideological predecessors.

Don’t fall for it, or you’ll be playing straight into their hands. It matters not one little whit to them whether it’s blacks hating on and attacking whites, whites hating on and attacking blacks or any other group. It’s a tool to them. It always has been, only they actually read the book and are following instructions to the letter.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in the least bit absolving the actual perpetrators in the race war attacks that Der Fubar has stirred up already, they’ll have to face consequences too, but if we want this to STOP rather than see it carried on through generation after generation until nobody knows for sure how the fight started (as a former European I know only too well how that goes), then the ones who must be held accountable, who must be punished and put an end to, are the INSTIGATORS.

Until THEY start paying the ultimate price, we’ll only see more of the same.


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