We may not be all that enthused (we nominate this for British Understatement of the Year™) that Mittens ObamneyCare is almost certainly going to be the Shit Sandwich of 2012, but at least we can rejoice that Americans not dedicated to “losing more slowly” are having an effect on the composition of the upcoming inhabitants of the DC parasite swamp.

Like when an utter dick like Dick Lugar is not merely retired, he’s crushed by one of those horrid “extremist upstarts” who apparently don’t relish the taste of liberal fascist private parts.

Republican foreign policy elder statesman Sen. Richard Lugar, 80, first elected to the Senate in 1976, was defeated in the Indiana primary Tuesday by state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who was backed by conservatives ranging from the National Rifle Association to local Tea Party activists to the Washington-based fiscal conservative group the Club for Growth.
Mourdock scored a landslide victory, winning more than 60 percent of the vote with almost all precincts reporting.

Score one for America.

You cannot overestimate the importance of fighting the good fight this November down ticket, no matter what your feelings are regarding Mittens “don’t like my opinion? I have another one! Or ten!” ObamneyCare.

One thing we particularly dislike about Mittens is his addiction to saying and doing whatever is required to get him power.

One thing we particularly like about Mittens as president is his addiction to saying and doing whatever is required to get him power. Provided that Congress has a solid contingent of conservatives. Because he’s just as likely to do whatever they want him to do as he’s always been willing to do whatever the RINOs and liberals want him to do as long as it helps him.

We’ve already stated that we’ve resigned ourselves to voting for Mittens in November. Not because we like him one little tiny bit, but because we hate the liberal fascist fuck Ogabe with the furious fury of a thousand supernovas and we would ally ourselves with Satan himself almost if it helped retire his sorry, incompetent, national socialist, narcissist, destructive, un-American ass.

Which leaves us with Mittens as president starting in 2013. Based on Mittens and his track record alone (which is abysmal, he’d be too extreme left to be elected on a Democrat ticket in Texas, no matter how much Ann Coulter gushes about his relative right wingyness in the communist commune of Taxachusetts where Josef Stalin would be considered a right wingnut), all that would mean, in the best case scenario, would be slowing the collapse of our great nation down by a tiny fraction of a percentage.

Combined with a strongly conservative Congress, however, based on his opportunism and eagerness to suck any swinging dick that will help him make a name for himself, he could be a halfway decent president in spite of himself.

There are those who say, we used to be one of them ourself, that it doesn’t really matter who’s in charge after 2013, as long as we have Congress we’ll be safe.

That’s not true. We think that we all have enough evidence by now, after the ass-kicking that the NSDWP received in 2010, that Ogabe has absolutely no reservations regarding ignoring the Constitutional limits of his powers when Congress won’t let him have his way.

Mittens won’t be like that. We don’t believe for a second that he will wink and nod at the EPA, telling them to go ahead and enact by un-Constitutional fiat what he can’t get through Congress. Not because he’s a saint or because he’s a Constitutional Originalist (although we’ll grudgingly admit that he’s more of one than Ogabe, but that doesn’t take much), but primarily because he’ll do whatever makes him more popular and thus helps him secure his reelection. Again, we point to his proven record.

He won’t be ramming wildly unpopular ideas like OgabeCare down the nation’s throat through sneaky backroom deals and political maneuvers. Again: Not because he’s a saint, but because the mere thought of making his poll numbers drop would make him lose sleep for a month. He’s a craven opportunist, a Republican version of Bill Clinton (without the intern problem), and if conservatives control Congress he’ll do whatever they say as long as it polls well.

It DOES require that we get a firm grip on Congress and it DOES require that we keep the pressure on him, but at least having him in the White House gives us that option.

We don’t have ANY options with Reichsführer Ogabe in office, because we know that he and his liberal fascist NSDWP will happily ignore Congress while nobody in Congress will have the balls to actually DO something about it. Yes, having the likes of Darrel Issa conducting interminable hearings is better than nothing but, last we checked, Heinrich Holder still hasn’t been charged with anything and is indeed still in office. Show us some results, if you’d please. With Ogabe in office we’d just get four more years of the same: A public circus of sound and fury, signifying and achieving absolutely nothing at all.

Provided that we keep on retiring RINOs and thus put the fear of G-d into the ones that remain, provided that we keep the public pressure up forcing the wrong people to do the right thing, we have a chance of saving our sacred Republic. It’s a lot of work, but we can do that. If we resign ourselves to the “inevitable” and keep insisting that nothing matters unless we get the reincarnated Ronald Reagan elected president first, we’ll have already lost.

We may still lose, even though His Imperial Majesty won’t see that happening because he’ll be dead first, but at least we have a fighting chance with an easily controllable RINO tool in office.

It will mean 8 years of hard work increasing the pressure on him by kicking out RINOs left, right and center, but it will also give us 8 more years to build on the conservative bottom-up grassroots movement that has been achieving results for years already. 8 more years of retiring cocksuckers like Dick the Dick Lugar while slowly but surely making sure that his generation of RINO shitbirds will be consigned to the ash heap of history. 8 more years of at the very least having something left worth fighting for while we build up our reserves for the battle of El Alamein where we’ll finally crush and rout the bastard enemies of our nation.

But we’ll all have to pull together to hold the line while that’s going on, and that means getting a nice, handy tool in office in November, somebody who won’t be much of an asset to us, but also won’t be a hindrance while we build up our forces. We need to quit focusing on the Oval Office to the point where we say “either we get that or we’ll just stay at home” and just get a safe wimp in there while we rebuild our nation from the ground up.

It took the liberal fascists decades of work and help from their Soviet comrades to get where we are now. We’re not going to wipe that out overnight.

We might as well realize that.

By saying “if my perfect guy can’t be president, then nothing else matters” we’re only ensuring that the liberal fascists will win.

Mr. Perfect is NOT going to pop up and save us in spite of ourselves and Congress. We’re going to have to clean out this muck from the bottom up, and it helps a great deal if we have something or somebody in the Oval Office we can control while we do so.

Think about that if you’re considering staying at home as a consequence of your very much reasonable and rational disgust with Mittens ObamneyCare. We share it.

But by getting him installed in the Oval Office we’ll have bought 8 more years to build up the movement without interference from 1600 Penn Avenue and, as a bonus, we’re actually quite likely to get something out of it as well as his poll numbers is all that he cares about. The Tea Party conservative movement is growing, Dick Lugar’s utter humiliation tonight is just one more victory for us in a long row of victories, so we ARE making a difference. All in a few years. Give us 8 more of those while Mittens gets increasingly fearful of pissing us off and we’ll be a true force to be reckoned with.

And, again, you also get the satisfaction of seeing King Narcissus Hussein sent packing.

Not a bad deal if you ask us.


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By Emperor Misha I

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