From our friend and fellow OG blogger, Mike, the following commentary on our failure to fight the Long War correctly (as part of a bigger piece that you definitely should go read):

Zakaria laments that this is a “war without end,” and he may or may not be right on that one. But this I know for sure: we will never truly be victorious in this conflict until we finally confront and corral not just the actual killers themselves, but the governments that sponsor, equip, train, and finance them. As long as that support infrastructure remains in place and unmolested, sub-moronic hordes of bloodthirsty savages–driven by hatred and resentment, inspired by a totalitarian belief system that amounts to very little more than a blot on human history–will continue to line up to be exploited by that system and infrastructure.

Exactly. It’s not something that hasn’t been said before at least a million times by both Mike and ourself and all of our fellow Bloodthirsty Warmongerbloggers, but it bears repeating over and over and over again until it finally sinks in or The Long War ends in miserable failure, whichever happens first:

We cannot, will not ever have any hope of finishing this war until and unless we start aiming not only for the splodeydope medieval savages, but also and, much more importantly, straight at the entities, be they communities, nations, governments or G-d knows what else, who harbor and support them.

Period. End. Stop.

That is one of the reasons why His Imperial Majesty got out of his chair and cheered when President Bush, right after 9/11, emphasized in his response that we would treat any such entities in the exact same way that we would treat the pisslamic subhumans themselves.

Sadly, the next many years proved that to be only so much hot air once the Taliban and Saddam Hussein had been knocked on the head. Syria, Iran, Saudi Retardia, the paleoswinian “authority”, various and sundry domestic organizations supporting jihad, the list is quite long, never got as much as a stern look when they all should have been given one and only one warning, followed by an immediate and overwhelming round of shock and awe if compliance was not immediately achieved.

No, we’re not talking about invading and occupying all of those countries, though we’re not necessarily opposed to the idea if it were only done right (see Japan and Nazi Germany for a couple of examples, anything from a massive decapitation attack onwards would do just fine, as the point would never be to add a bit of G-d forsaken territory that we don’t have any interest in owning anyway.

The point would be, and MUST be if we are to win and finish this war, to put anybody as much as thinking about sheltering, aiding and abetting terrorists on notice that their life expectancy just got numbered in days or even hours, not to mention that a whole lot of their shit would soon be blown up, smashed to smithereens, burned down and shat upon.

You can’t keep fanatical animals from popping up here and there, no matter how many of them you kill, but you CAN make it impossible for them to operate if there is no place on Earth stupid enough to as much as consider giving them a place to operate from, knowing full well that such a place would immediately cease to exist the moment we got wind of it.

Oderint dum metuant.

Let them hate us, as long as they FEAR us.


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By Emperor Misha I

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