From Gabriel Malor who, correctly, notes that “concerns among GOP voters about Romney’s wealth” is utter fucking bullshit.

Gabriel points out, among other things and, again, very correctly, that the Enemy Media’s “concerned GOP voter” sources are using terms like “1 percenter”, which we all know is something that doesn’t matter one tiny whit to a GOP voter. We couldn’t care fucking less if Mittens has one or 15 cars and, besides, we all know that president “vacation on Air Force One every week” isn’t exactly a paycheck-to-paycheck grunt hisself.

What we don’t get is why this is news to anybody. It’s on page 4 of the socialist playbook, as we pointed out in our earlier post. They bring up “Romney is weird”, “Romney is a Mormon”, “Romney doesn’t like dogs” without actually saying so. It’s always some unnamed, anonymous, “concerned” source. That way they get to shove the Narrative in there without being liable for it. Or so they think.

Yet, still, it always takes the conservatives of this country aback. Because they have no fucking everloving clue about what socialists are like and what methods they use, seeing as how they’ve never seen it up front and personal.

Their methods are really easy to counter, you know. Of course, that would require the “brilliant minds” of the conservative movement in this country to actually START PAYING FUCKING ATTENTION to those of us who DO have experience with socialists and their methods beyond reading a book.

And that, obviously, is too fucking much to ask.

Well… Don’t come fucking crying to US when you end up fucking the pooch by refusing to listen to your betters.

We’ll be too busy doing what we learned how to do the hard way: Surviving socialism.

And we won’t have any time for your whining and “how could anybody possibly FORESEE?” when we’ve been standing here on the sidelines telling you over and over and over again, screaming until we were fucking blue in the face, trying desperately to get you dumb, pig ignorant, self-cockfident, arrogant imbeciles to pay attention and learn how the fight is won.

“Obama and the NSDWP are just basically decent people in over their heads. It could never happen HERE.”

Well, it IS fucking happening here, you drooling dimbulb retards.

You can all go ceremoniously fuck yourselves, because you’re fucking dead to us.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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