Via Cold Fury, who doesn’t give a flying fuck either, we learn that apparently, *HORROR, GASP, OUTRAGE*, some US troops posed in a picture with pieces of a subhuman, barbarian splodeydope.

Predictably, the Ogabe Misadministration is in full self-flagellation mode, condemning and apologizing and bending over in hope of a reach-around, lest we offend the tender sensibilities of our Afghan “allies”. Personally, we tend to think that if we offend those “allies” of ours enough, we may just distract them sufficiently that they’ll stop shooting our officers in the back inside “safe” zones.

As to our Imperial Self, we don’t give a shit. We remember when we learned that one of our best buddies from the service had gotten blown up by an Afghan splodeydope, leaving behind a wife and three daughters. If we’d been on the detail cleaning up after that pisslamic barbarian, we wouldn’t have just posed with bits and pieces of his animal carcass, we’d have been photographed taking a shit on it or putting the pieces on a stick along with cucumbers, bell peppers and bacon for a wonderful allah-kebab.

Kill them all and let G-d sort ’em out.

We’re sick and fucking tired of watching the ungrateful, goat-fucking cave-dwellers hyperventilating, followed by our own so-called “leadership” pissing on our own troops who’ve been fighting and dying for years for those worse than useless ingrate savages.

Since it’s obvious that DC has no intentions of actually winning the war (it would most likely offend some child molesting pisslamic fanatic if we did and we can’t have that), pull our troops out, then cover the whole shit-stained arse of the universe with ICBMs. End of fucking story.

Oh, and Panetta? Go fuck yourself with a rusty boat hook wrapped in barbed wire, will you? You useless, hand-wringing, dickless, back-stabbing son of a syphilitic sow whore.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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