So the Romney campaign turned the NSDWP’s “war on women” Narrative around on them by pointing out, accurately, that more than 90% of jobs lost under Der Fubar belonged to women.


Of course, one of the laughable propaganda arms of the Ruling Junta, Politi”fact”, promptly declared that the claim, though factually absolutely correct, was “Mostly False.” We’ve said it before, but let’s say it again: We never, ever thought that we’d see mass media that would make “good” old Pravda and Izvestia look like paragons of verisimilitude. We were wrong. But we digress.

The Stupid Party? Oh yes… Case in point, Byron York:

Yet now Romney calls Obama’s obvious economic failures “the real war on women.” Romney’s motives are pretty transparent: He’s trying to fight back against the Democrats’ latest talking point. But Republicans know the Democratic charge is ridiculous. Why make one of their own?

Because, sweet retarded little child of ours, when your enemy points a rhetorical weapon in your direction, the only way to not only counter it but to make it blow up in their ugly faces and render it completely and utterly useless to them in the future, is to turn it around, load it up with several hundredweights of actual facts and pull the damn lanyard.

Your way, the way of the suicidal Gentry GOP, is to immediately cede the battlefield and run for the hills, because of the civility, moral high ground or some such abominable nonsense.

And that hasn’t really worked out too well for the GOP and, by extension, America in the past, now has it?

Of course, when that daft, fat cow Hilary Rosen subsequently strapped on a vest full of explosive idiocy and blew herself and her party up by insulting every stay-at-home mom in the nation as “not really a woman”, the Narrative got shredded anyway, as the immediate stampede out of the AO by Ogabe and his entire gaggle of cronies so very aptly proved, but we consider that a bonus.

There’s a reason why us “unhelpful Visigoths” of the “extreme” right wing no longer choose to listen to the likes of you, Byron, and we must thank you for providing us with a textbook example.

You insufferably idiotic twat.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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