If you’re about to lynch the Florida AG, join the party.

But before you leave the house, think about this:

Unless, and they may very well have that in which case justice will be served, they have something that isn’t already known, murder 2 isn’t going to stick in a million years. They might, might have been able to get manslaughter to stick, but murder 2 won’t based on the evidence known so far. What it will do is pull the rug out from under Der Fubar’s race war campaign because, well, charges are being brought so what are you ProgNazi fucks whining about? Der Fubar’s plan to milk votes from a dead kid’s body isn’t going to fly and, considering the charges and “beyond a reasonable doubt”, Zimmerman is going to walk unless something has popped up that we don’t know about.

Der Fubar is just going to have to find something else to masturbate to. His daughters had better make sure the door is locked when they shower.

Second, considering that Der Fubar’s racist friends have all put out a contract on Zimmerman’s head, being in custody might just be the best thing for him right now until everything blows over. Remember: “Custody” can mean many things. It doesn’t necessarily mean “locked into a tiny box with nothing but the walls to look at.” But it does mean “if any of Der Fubar’s national socialist friends show up, we’ve got people looking out for you 24/7, and they’re well armed.”

Nothing would please me more than to see Al Sharktongue’s “resist we much” simian mug ventilated by a bullet, but we know that’s not going to happen. He would never place himself in harm’s way when there is no shortage of apes more than willing to do so for him. (May their wishes come true. So say we all).

Florida may just have succeeded in stopping the race war that Der Fubar wanted AND made sure that an innocent man goes free in the end.

Of course, it may also mean that they’ve found evidence that Zimmerman IS a cold blooded murderer, but if that’s the case it’s no loss either, because then he deserves a short trip on the gurney to Hell.

Either way, justice wins.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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