A somewhat belated SITREP from the Imperial AO (note to self: Remember to stock can of WD-40 in storm shelter as hinges tend to rust.)

I keed, I keed. We’re all safe and sound. No damage to life, limb or property.

Which, we’re sad to say, is not the case for everybody across the Metroplex. Some areas got hit pretty hard, but no fatalities that I know of, which is usually the case since we’re pretty used to them around here and do a good job of seeking and offering shelter in a hurry. Injuries, yes, and massive property damage across the DFW area, so the insurance companies are going to be busy. But they’re used to that too.

Still, seeing your life’s work destroyed in moments, insurance or no insurance, is heartbreaking and our prayers and support in any way we can give it go out to those who lost everything. It could as easily have been our turn this time.

Springtime in Texas.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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