Because we haven’t had an O.T. in a while.

Also because I fucking, bloody well HATE Flash!

You see, I made the dumb, dumb, dumb mistake of actually installing the umpteenth update that it alerted me to. And after that, nothing Flash-related would work. Crash, crash, crashedi-crash.

So I look into the issue and find that Adobe, helpfully, on their download page informs that Flash doesn’t support Vista 64bit. Which is OK, except for the fact that the idiotic Flash updater insists on installing the 64bit version anyway because, you know, Windows 7. It does support that in 64bit. But the installer doesn’t helpfully distinguish between OS’s when installing, it just sees “ooo, 64 bit, must be Windows 7!”

Fucking sub-moronic, overpaid, lazy-ass code monkeys.

So I uninstall the bastitch and, hey presto, one restart later, YouTube works again. Of course, in FireFox it insists that it needs the Flash Player still, but it plays the vids just fine. And if you ask it to install the non-missing “missing plug-ins”, it will only offer to install that latest clusterfuck of a system crashing piece of shit version.

Other than that, I just wish they’d jump off a cliff and die.

All of them.

But that’s because I’m in a good mood tonight.

Have at it, Rotts!

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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