Reading through the post and comments about old fuck-nozzle Keefe and his erstwhile employer, a few things set me off once again about this election season.

I’m going to keep condensing my own viewpoint on it as it progresses with new thoughts and sharing it with my fellow LCs, in hopes that they might find it useful in getting the word out to their networks. Firing for effect as it were.

The left takes much glee in endlessly spouting their dopey ideology is to an extent a waste of their time and money. The average voter out there will listen to ideological morons like Olberdouche, Rhodes, Crissy etc. but for only a minute or so. Their message just doesn’t resonate with normal folks. So why do they do it? Because the left fashions themselves as intellectuals, they’re smarter than anybody in the room and the neanderthals must be brought into the light.

ALL the ideas that are morphed into leftist causes come from intellectuals. Real intellectuals from ivy covered walls and moldy halls. They come up with ideas, publish and sit back to enjoy approval from their fellows. That approval is assured by their peers because they agree on the ideology behind it. It’s a big circle-jerk of attention whoring. None of the ideas need to be tested in the real world for validity, because they believe their ideas could NOT be wrong, success is assured simply because it’s their idea. Approved by their peers. Now along comes the folks susceptible to their silly theories, the liberals of the world. In turn they believe these ideas must work because they ‘approve’ of it by virtue of it’s roots in academia, their intellectual brethren, or so they think. But now the ‘perfection’ of the academic endeavor has to survive in the Darwinian real world. Do they really care about the end result? Not at all. If their pet idea fails and we all know how often that is, it’s only due to a failure of execution, not a fault of the original premise as that is ‘perfect’ to them. The liberal, so motivated by their personal guilt and wanting to move up the ladder of intellectual perfection by feeling good about themselves, are perfectly fine with testing that idea on the public at large. It cannot fail because their thoughts cannot be other than pure altruism. There is nothing more dangerous than a real, true believer of any ideology. This absolute belief in self and by extension, their ‘fellow’ intellectuals requires no real-world validation. Thus we have the Nazis, the Pol Pots, Marxist, Communists, Mao, Stalins, Castors and many others throughout history. That others can be murdered, starved or enslaved is of no consequence, this is something that is necessary to implement their vision of that utopia just around the corner for them. This time we’ll get it right and release the unicorns, open the skittles vault and wake the fairies. they’ve finally figured out how to do it right. When it inevitably fails as it must, the fault is with others, the non-believers that just don’t understand the virtue of their ‘betters’ ideas. This can really lead into seriously endangered waters. Look at this article: If Only We All Had (Liberal) Brains, We’d All Believe In Man-Made Global Warming.

Scary isn’t it? We must be reprogrammed in order to evolve to their plan of intellectualism. We really need to keep away from this new ‘science’ of bioethics, because the ethicists are invariably madmen.

From that article:

NYU Dr. Prof. Dr. Mengele S. Matthew Liao of Center for Bioethics says his human engineering solution “involves the biomedical modification of humans to make them better at mitigating climate change’” [emph-mine]

He can spout that execrable idea since he’s an intellectual and an alleged scientist, therefore he means well. I’m not sure where the science comes into that title, but I can see that being a quote leading up to the Final Solution in a past era. Of course the left would brand me a flat-earther, but by training and experience, an engineer and jack-scientist and those disciplines don’t produce evil ideas like that. That takes a True Believer. That’s the ‘Ethicist’ part of the discipline and it’s entirely from the humanities, overwhelmingly dominated by the radical left academics.

Here we are, the left is immolating themselves with the real world voters on that level of ‘ideas’. They aren’t going to fucking buy-in reprogramming their brains to believe the massive fraud of AGW or be engineered to drive Volts.

Why can’t we easily win an election? Because of human nature. The average guy out here just isn’t involved in politics enough to really understand (or care) what is going on, their existence hasn’t been much affected by all this, yet. Now to be certain I can’t completely blame them as individuals, as the left and their minions have had 50 years or more of tweaking these folks into apathy. They’ve been told a million times “hey, we’re out for the little guy so pull that lever then sit back because we’ll fix it all”. This in my opinion, is the exegesis of today’s crisis. The dems have always had control of this message. It fits into that human nature, to avoid things that are ‘hard’ if someone else can do it for me. They are being shielded from all the consequences of statism. Our message takes more than a 30 or even 15 second commercial break and won’t fit on a bumper sticker. That makes it hard for someone more interested in what passes for TV programming currently to become open to our messaging. The Left is very good at keeping the message short and simple and even more importantly, repetitious. Carefully read these quotes:

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly –it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over” [Emph-Mine]

And this one too:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State [Emph-Mine].”

Now tell me the left isn’t using these ideas EXACTLY as they were stated. Goebbels would be very, very pleased as they are his ideas, and they do indeed work. Awhile back Misha schooled me on the phone with a brilliant comparison of the Nazi movement with the Progressive movement here in the US. The parallels are astonishing.

This is where the left finds itself today, it’s attached itself like a lamprey to the increasingly mad ideas primarily from academia, populated by self-aggrandizing idiots that have never had a real job. But a very large group of citizens will vote for the demonrat party and 0zero. Why in the name of everything holy will they do this?

Apathy and cynicism.

These people are largely legacy voters and are just too busy living their lives, not that anything is wrong with that at all, to educate themselves. Look above, the left always keeps it to the a few, ‘simple’ points.

Republicans love money and aren’t interested in you ‘little guys’. Republicans hate women, children and seniors. They want dirty air and water. They want to take away your social security and welfare checks. They repeat this shit over and over and over and they get away with it because the Grand Old Pussies™ in their effort to ‘play nice’ (read as cowards) won’t confront it. Face it folks, when your side won’t even confront absolute, total lies like these memes, you’re screwed. We’ve brought a swiss army knife to an artillery duel. The left has the total support of the MSM which knows no level of abasement in carrying their water. Let’s go back to Goebbles again:

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

The left plays that keyboard hard and long, and the Fiddy-Two’ers absorb the lying, devious message as the truth. We’re in the fight of our lifetimes and we must condense our message and repeat it endlessly throughout the general elections. When we have airtime, direct attacks on the evil GOP memes must occur. We must break this cycle or accept the finality of the tyranny that lives just around the corner.

We’ve got the target identified and ranged, fire for effect.

-Carry On

[A huge tip of the Tam O’shanter to Caveman for providing this linky love down on his comment here. It would’ve definitely been cited in my main post. Understanding The Slave Mentality. Thank You my friend]

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