We have to agree with our good friend Mike.

Nothing encapsulates and exposes the ridiculous hyperventilating and Hitler comparisons of the liberal fascist goons of Wisconsin better than this mocking headline:

First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs.

Remember: If there is one thing that grand-standing, self-righteous liberals can’t STAND it’s ridicule.

Which makes you wonder why they so consistently make themselves such great and easy targets for it.

Oh, and what happened to The New Civility™?

Speaking of which: There’s something somebody mentioned, though we can’t for the life of us remember where we saw it, and that is this: If you were a Wisconsin parent and you saw one of your children’s teachers carrying a “Walker=Hitler” sign or, worse still, one of the other signs observed up there in the past few days, a sign with Governor Walker’s face with a crosshair superimposed over it (New Civility™ alert again), wouldn’t it be your civic duty, in light of all of this Zero Tolerance stuff going on and, well, here it comes again, The New Civility™, to contact your local superintendent and demand that said teacher be suspended without pay immediately pending a psychiatric review?

We mean, we currently have kids suspended indefinitely from their education because they share Tic-Tacs in school or draw pictures of dead people.

Wouldn’t you be more worried, shouldn’t you be more worried about your child’s teacher having murderous fantasies about a legally elected government official while thinking that asking teachers to contribute to their own health care plans is exactly the same as gassing six million Jews and starting a World War?

We mean, really now?

It’s one thing that the pathologically insane can’t be kept in asylums anymore because keeping them from eating the brains of law-abiding citizens is somehow a violation of their Constitutional rights, but do you really want them teaching your kids?

We’re just asking, is all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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