An update from Donna V. (yes, our Sainted Blogmom) who reports on public reactions in deeply blue Wisconsin to the temper tantrum thrown by slacker “teachers” and their unions.

Really, if pro-union protesters can’t attract a bunch of cheering, honking libtard supporters in libtard Shorewood of all places, you know Walker’s winning this one.

Quite. Perhaps the hardworking people of Shorewood (you know, the ones who actually work and do so all year long) aren’t overly impressed with having to miss work or scramble for sitters because “teachers” decided that it would be perfectly OK for them to abandon their positions, calling in “sick”, so they could mill around in the streets screaming, howling and waving “Walker=Hitler” signs about.

Because, you know, having to pay 14% of your own health care benefits is exactly like the Holocaust!

Something tells us that future PTA meetings in Wisconsin are going to be a lot of fun.



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By Emperor Misha I

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