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Breitbart Barack
By William L. Gensert

Is there any better example of a warrior than Andrew Breitbart? The man was rigorous, relentless, and totally without remorse in search of the truth and in opposition to those who would rewrite history to expand and support the liberal narrative. Using the weapons of the left — all media, and no subject taboo — he pursued the illusions of progressivism with élan. Exceedingly effective, his name has entered the lexicon as a verb.

President Obama wants everyone to listen to his words, but ignore his actions. As a propitiator of extreme skill and nuance, he always knows what to say and refuses to let truth and civility get in his way. Our president believes he knows everything. Unfortunately, that is the only thing he knows.

Unless the nation craves four more years of economic suicide, Obama’s stifling regulatory tsunami, high energy prices, and deliberate demagogic discord, the meek and mild on the right will need to learn how to fight.

America must Breitbart Barack; it’s the only way he can be defeated. The left will scream. It will be called negative campaigning, racist, and worse. Knowing Barack Obama and his minions — as we now do — it will be called both. Conservatism will become synonymous with “negative racism” — at least in the written press, televised news, and progressive blogosphere.

Yet if the right wages a polite and dignified campaign, eschewing negativity and “in your face” advertising, the Republican candidate still will be labeled negative and racist.

War is like that. The right might as well fight, or get used to performing sexual favors to earn the cash necessary to fill up their gas tanks, in order to get to jobs that pay less than they made in 2008, if they are lucky enough to even have a job. At least their contraception costs will be covered by the ObamaCare mandate.

It should be learned at an early age that one cannot resort to reason with a bully; it ensures only more bullying. Make no mistake: Barack Obama is a bully. Any man who would throw his grandmother, the woman who raised him, under the bus to score political points is a bully.

Every paragraph written, speech made, or commercial commissioned, between now and Election Day, must be about Obama, his past, who he has associated with, and his mentors, as well as who he is today and what he has done to this nation — the havoc he has wrought economically and the doom he has relegated to the world with his policy of serial apologies and weakness.

Conservatives and Republicans tend to be civil, despite what is said by the left and the “all Barack, all the time” press. Yet the left still sets the parameters of every discussion, led by the New York Times, which now fits all the news into what it wants to print. And it wants to print that everything is peachy and that Barack Obama is great.

In fact, he’s better than great; he is legendary, and we are lucky to have him. The opposition is not just wrong, but evil, waging “war” against someone…anyone — minority voters, women, the economy, or the environment. With no argument to support Obama’s policies, they have militarized the conversation and made enemies of us all.

In 2008, John McCain famously apologized when a supporter repeatedly used the president’s middle name during an introduction. There can be no apologies this time around. Every TV commercial should start out with the words: Barack Hussein Obama. Especially now, with Iran provoking war and Jewish people everywhere nervous about Barack’s penchant for leading from behind.

Until now, the right has been forced to play defense on progressive terms, fighting not to lose, instead of to win — politically, leading from behind. It’s the way John McCain campaigned, and it will guarantee a loss in November. There is no room for civility in this election battle. This is not a game — we are fighting for our children and the future of America, the last, best hope for humanity.

Obama the Great will not play nice; he will be brutal and negative — he’s never been anything but negative. Should he choose to pretend he is not, lackeys on the left will take up the slack.

Many voters will pick Obama, regardless of what he does. These people could come home from work to discover the president beating their mother to death with his Nobel Prize medal, and they would still vote for him.

It’s not them we are after. It’s the guy barely paying his mortgage, whose home has lost value, hurt by the price of gasoline and making less than he was before hope and change. Formerly comfortable — before Barack — but now everything has changed. He now hopes to be able to pay off his house and retire five years after his death.

He may belong to a party, but he does not have any particular party loyalty — he is too busy trying to survive to pay much attention to politics. He gets most of his information from the legacy media, which is so in bed with Barack that for its acolytes, every day should be a walk of shame.

He is not the right, or the left, and he is not the middle. He is an American. He will listen, and he will vote — conservatives must say something that resonates. It is not that he is uniformed as much as that he is misinformed — he simply needs to be informed. That is the task at hand. Playing prevent-defense will not do. The eventual candidate needs to attack, attack, attack…it’s the only way to win.

Television commercials should be the weapon of choice in the war against Barack. This election season, there will be little positive spin for the Republican candidate in the liberal press. There is conservative media, but it shrinks in comparison to the plethora of progressive media, and it is primarily preaching to the choir.

The fatuity of Barack Obama is there for all to see — yet mass media members are still perfervid in maintaining the man is a genius. Conservatives need to accept that all coverage of their candidate will reflect this delusion.

Run commercials during NFL games, the World Series, or The X Factor, and people will hear the message — otherwise, it will be lost in the cacophony of cultish Obama-worship. The media will make sure of that.

The expiry of Barack Obama’s inchoate presidency cannot come soon enough. Conservatives need to help it along by telling people the truth about Barack Obama — with Breitbart aggressiveness.

In 2008, Obama sold hope and change in commercials that were everywhere. This year, thanks to Citizens United, there will be parity in campaign war chests, empowering citizens to unite against the abomination that is this president.

Spike Lee was right — America will be defined as pre-Barack and post-Barack — but not in the way he intended. We are on the cusp of history, the dawn of a new age, the epoch of post-Barack prosperity, post-progressivism and post-“post-Americanism.”

We must chase this president from office before he destroys us all — and it is not enough to beat him in November. He must be driven from any position of influence. He must be relegated to unimportance and irrelevance. Can there be a more apt fate for a narcissistic tyrant?

Let him vacation and play golf; those are the only things he’s good at anyway.

Thanks for the tip Brudda, I woulda missed it entirely.

-Carry On

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