The Church of Rome is continuing it’s battle with the administration’s mandate on contraception. The battle is precisely aimed at the heart of the matter, freedom of religion. The quick outrage over this lead the administration see that it had every chance of turning into a Watergate-like debacle, poisoning Ogabelini’s re-election chances, and decided to do something. His acolytes and cabana boys in the Lying Stream Media stepped up to the plate with a plan to carry this off for their Master. The issue was mendaciously twisted 180° and deflected the freedom of religious views to wanting to ban contraception which was anti-women. The commie cock bites expected our side to engage on their specious charges and the Party Of Stoopid™ jumped right onto their bait. The moronical GOP skid-marks went on the defensive and were promptly tagged as women haters. How the fuck do we go from refusing to pay for free contraception into trying to ‘ban’ them and by extension hating women? Fucking unfuckinglybelievable, yet here we are. Jumpin’ Jeebus is there no scheme created by the lying left, that these repubican morons will NOT fall for? We aren’t even close to the level of shit we’ll see in the general and we’re in free fall, debating and arguing over made-up shit, ignoring the real issue of the utter failure of SCOAMF’s tenure. I don’t know how y’all feel, but I have this sickening feeling about the rest of this mega-debacle of an election season. If the GOP can’t get their shit together, they WILL lose to Obama, who is probably the most vulnerable incumbent president ever. We cannot survive a 2nd term of this commie fuck on many levels, most importantly economically.

I came across this vid at The Blaze. The Good Father Pontifex returns to the scene with a video that perfectly frames the issue as well as supporting the overthrow of Ogabe and his minions.

A Threat To Our Country’s Foundations

Only in the America of 2012 does refusing to provide free shit for someone, equate to wanting to ban the shit, which in turn means we hate the folks themselves.

Where did common sense hop off the Body Politic? Thanks again Fiddy-Twoers, thanks a shit load and hey, you can fuck us again in November. The polls are still showing that you dumb fucks support him. Tell me, how does it feel to be so stupid and so apathetic to let the Great Experiment fail out of criminal ignorance?

Fuck you all, fuck you and your horses, you’re going to let it happen again if you don’t wake the fuck up.

-Carry On

[Update !! Ozero has convinced our friends in Israel not attack the Iranian nuclear program this year in exchange for advanced weaponry. That should show everyone how desperate this alleged man is. He’s willing to risk the security of an entire country in an effort to get himself re-elected. Now there is balls and his lackeys in the media will provide cover, calling him a friend to Eretz Yisrael, over the matter. Unbelievable]

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