We found this over at your good friend Aggie’s place, Hookers and Booze, and promptly stole it:

We shan’t overly belabor that if the “smartest and brightest” are who’s responsible for the never-ending stream of “Einsteins” that our unionized Publik Skools churn out every year, then this nation is in a lot worse shape than we thought. Besides, Aggie makes that point better than we could.

It seems, though, that they’re not all “just too darn busy passing on their brilliant, immense wit to the lil’ ones”, in Buffalo, NY, they’re also quite busy getting nips, tucks and liposuctions all on the taxpayer’s dime. To the tune of almost $6 million/year. In a school district that’s projected to be $42 million in the hole for the year.

Yeah. That’s right. 1/7 of the total deficit is due to Little Johnny’s teacher having to have her boobs made bigger for free. But at least you Buffalo parents can console yourselves with the fact that Johnny might be getting some eye candy in return.

Still, it’s not quite as bad as the Wonder Teacher in Atlanta who got so dang frustrated with her 18-year-old student’s refusal to look at her during class, the disrespectful little snot, that she made up a jury-rigged neck brace forcing the brat to dang well look in her direction during class!

Problem with this brilliant solution from yet another one of those who really should be running the country if they weren’t so busy teaching kids was that the kid couldn’t look in her general direction due to, well, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

But at least Miss Super Teacher cured him of his affliction, right? Yes and no. You see, the reason that he was reluctant to properly pay his respects to his very own Madam Curie was that he couldn’t breathe when turned that way. Which didn’t change when he was forced by Miss Teacher of the Year to do so. So he, well, asphyxiated. Which cured him, to be sure! Miss Better Equipped than Anybody Else to Run the Country is sure to get a phone call from Ogabe now! She really, truly bent the cost curve!

Unless the parents win their suit, of course, which we somehow can’t see them not doing. Even though we much rather see the kid’s teacher, well, slowly asphyxiated. Make the punishment fit the crime, you know.

Pour encourager les autres.

Public Sector Unions. Is there anything they can’t do?


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By Emperor Misha I

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