More specifically Ed Schulz’ largely unwatched show, Sandra Fluke is bravely refusing to be “silenced.”

Really? She was being “silenced?” Seems to us that no matter what news channel we turned to, no matter what website we clicked to, there she was, bleating and baaing about how her hyperactive sex life is bankrupting her with birth control costs above $1,000/year, insisting that it was her right to have somebody else pay for her contraceptive measures so she could continue to enjoy opening her thighs for every wandering penis traveling within 10 miles of her.

The only one who is actually being “silenced”, or at least attempted silenced, is Rush Limbaugh who made the cardinal sin of suggesting that maybe, just maybe obsessive-compulsively fucking yourself into bankruptcy was a bit sluttish.

Ace, helpfully, did a bit of research into the necessarily sky-rocketing prices of contraceptive aids in the Georgetown area and found, with little effort, that a whole month’s supply of the pill amounts to the ghastly sum of $9. Over the counter, no insurance coverage needed. Which, given Slutty Fluke’s statements about the harrowing sum she had to find among the shekels buried under her, no doubt, severely worn sofa cushions given her predilections, translates to about 9.25 packs of one-month supplies a month. Here’s a hint, Sandra dearest: You take one a day, not one every time you open the gates of paradise to yet another hapless stranger snared in your nymphomaniac web.

But no matter, Rush had to be crushed for daring to say something about the Latest Leftist Media Victim™, so the MMFA machine went into high dudgeon, trying to get his show off the air by bullying his advertisers because, to leftists, free speech is all about… Shut UP!

Yet there she is, now a martyr to the left bravely refusing to be silenced when, judging from the media time she’s getting, the only things being silenced are her otherwise hyperactive labia.

Oh, and don’t even get us started on how the “innocent, 23-year-old student” turned out to actually be a 30-year-old professional leftist activist who deliberately chose Georgetown because they don’t cover contraception, thinking she could stir up some shit about that later.

We’re not quite sure what’s most disgusting here. The utterly predictable manufactured leftist outrage du jour or the limp-wristed, spineless “conservatives” once again rolling over and apologizing for having done nothing wrong when the proper answer to the Alinsky tactics of the left is and always will be:



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