You just might get it (h/t Cold Fury).

As we’re all struggling to pay for whatever gas the Ogabe Junta will let us have, it is at least a small comfort for us to see that the ones voting for the Food Stamp Algae president are the ones getting hit the hardest by the Rape at the Pumps™.

No, our sympathy for those gullible fucks who caused every single bit of the misery we’re all suffering from right now isn’t even measurable at this point. They got what they asked for from the asshole tyrant that they voted for. When he said, long before they cast their ignorant votes, that “under his plans, energy prices would necessarily sky-rocket” and that he was going to bankrupt the coal industry, he actually meant it. Imagine that? So no excuses there, and don’t try to pull the “but I didn’t know!” one either, you mouth-breathing, selfish fucks. If you’d get your news from something other than LSDNBC, you would have known, as there was no shortage of people trying to tell you.

And today, your beloved Chocolate Jesus Stalin’s Secretary of (no) Energy, Steven Chu, is even more blatant about it. He and his master don’t give a flying fuck that you can’t afford food and gas anymore.

“But is the overall goal to get our price” of gasoline down, asked Nunnelee.

“No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy,” Chu replied.

“And if it takes driving you peasants into bankruptcy and starvation, then we’ll bloody well DO it”, he might as well have added. “Decreasing our dependency on oil” is certainly not a bad thing to pursue. IF you have something to replace it with, which King Narcissus and his merry band of swine don’t. Unless there’s energy to be had from the billions of dollars of subsidies to their pig friends in the “alternative energy” racket and, last we checked, all they’d accomplished so far was to take the money and run.

We’d have gotten more energy from giving those truckloads of greenbacks to power plants so they could burn them as fuel.

So, fiddy2ers, are you finally beginning to pay attention, or are you just going to keep on blaming the crushing inflation of the Ogabe Junta on Swiss Illuminati gnomes plotting the destruction of the world from their Alpine cave network?

And it’s not “just” energy prices which, as anybody with an IQ at least at the level of broccoli quiche knows, drive the price of everything else (excepting stuff that doesn’t require energy for production and distribution, which is to say NOTHING at all), it’s also areas like the California Dust Bowl, which Reichsführer Ogabe just declared that he supports to the point where he will veto any bill trying to turn the former breadbasket of the United States back into something other than a barren desert.

The National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party, protector of the poor, our Imperial Arse.

Ed Morrissey says:

I’ve called the judicially-imposed drought in California’s Central Valley “the Dust Bowl Congress created”

Which is entirely unfair. The original Dust Bowl had to do with freak weather.

If you want an accurate parallel to what Congress did to the formerly fecund and beautiful Central Valley of California to protect a useless fish and which Comrade Petukh Ogabe has now sworn to uphold with a veto if necessary, if you truly want to describe the act of war that DC committed upon the inhabitants of that area, their own fucking citizens, the devastation, poverty and famine that they caused, you need to look to the Ukraine, circa 1932-33.

You know, that minor event that the New York Times Pravda on the Hudson got a Pulitzer for having Walter Duranty lie about.

That’s the kind of crime that we’re looking at, that’s the kind of tyranny we’re facing, a tyrannical, heartless government in DC that will do anything, anything at all to have their way, no matter what kind of suffering their actions cause.

And that should tell you right there what the only cure is, and it’s not the kind that Willard Mittens the Waffle offers, which is fiddling around the corners and slowing down the train before it runs over the edge of the cliff.

The only way you can destroy socialism or any other kind of tyranny over man is with fire, because it will not die peacefully on its own. And you have to burn out the roots as well.

And that will be the end of it, no matter what. What cannot go on, won’t go on, and tyranny will never succeed. The love of liberty that lives in every man, woman and child cannot ever be extinguished, because it is the very heart of human nature. It can be stomped into the dust, it can be bent, but it cannot die as every new human being is born with it and, sooner or later, as the power of the wannabe tyrants wanes as it always will, that undying force will eventually overcome them.

Our only choice right now is when we want that to happen, because we do have a choice there.

Every generation has the power to say “ENOUGH!” and start the ball rolling.

If not ours, then one of the ones that will follow.

Because it will happen.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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