While you are, undoubtedly, enjoying the soaring energy prices, selling your firstborns to fill up the tank, watching food and everything else get more and more expensive, rest assured that Komrade Petukh in the White House is still doing everything he can to destroy the economy even further to the point where the damage will be irreversible.

Think you’re hurting now? Think his illegal de facto ban on drilling our own resources is as bad as it’s going to get? Think again:

The fiscal year 2012 White House budget proposal calls for new fees on oil-and-gas companies to help fund drilling oversight, which the Interior Department has expanded in the wake of the BP oil spill.

But calls for digging deeper into the industry’s pockets — along with the White House plan to end billions of dollars in industry tax incentives — will face a cool reception among oil-and-gas companies and many Republicans.

The plan unveiled Monday includes “user fees to oil companies for processing oil and gas drilling permits and inspecting operations on Federal lands and waters.” It also seeks changes to royalty rates and “establishing fees for new non-producing oil and gas leases (both onshore and offshore) to encourage more timely production.”

And guess just who’s going to pay for those increased production costs for the few remaining energy companies that he has not yet encouraged to shift their operations overseas, costing tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs? You, that’s who.

And just which group of the population spends a much larger percentage of their available income on energy-related bills? The poor, that’s who.

So the next time you hear some socialist liberal fuckhose carrying on about how Our Noble King Ogabe and the DemCong are the “protectors of the little man” just do us a favor, will you? Hit him right in the kisser. With a piece of re-bar. Then do it again. And keep doing it until he stops twitching. Then piss on his corpse and lift his wallet.

Repeat as necessary until you run out of socialist enemies of our nation.

Oh, and did you notice the bit about fees to “encourage more timely production?” That’s really nice. Back in the day, that is to say before the Make Believe Media (thanks, Ace!) decided to quit calling anything by its real name if doing so might hurt their Lord and Master in DC, that used to be called a “racket” and “fees” like that used to be called “bribes.”

You could indict the entire Ogabe Junta under the RICO act and send them away to a SuperMax without even having to work hard at it. That is, if you could find somebody in this country with enough balls to actually bring suit, which is beginning to look doubtful. The current crop of mealy-mouthed, limp-wristed, jelly-kneed, milquetoast politicians are so scared of being called “uncivil”, should they dare to point out basic facts, that they’d rather watch this nation go to hell, leaving the kind of socialist shithole that some of us escaped to our kids and grandkids than stand up and fight.

It’s fucking pathetic.

This is a nation that was built on the sacrifice of farmers facing the single most professional army in the world, a nation that not only survived a bloody civil war that killed half a million of its sons and daughters, but actually came out stronger on the other end, a nation that went from quaint colonial rabble to superpower in a century and a half, a nation that used to be peopled by individuals who would make any sacrifice to preserve and protect her, who won two world wars (actually three, if you count the Cold one) and now our so-called fucking leaders are paralyzed with fear of The New York Times writing disapproving editorials about them.

Every single bloody potential hint of opposition to Ogabe and his Junta is over-analyzed by thoughtful, pragmatic, preening pundit pussies agonizing over “public perception” and “how will this play with [insert always vitally vital interest group, no matter how small and insignificant, here]” and the result is always, always the same: “That’s too confrontational. Let’s just make a symbolic gesture, pose for the cameras, hope the rubes buy our pretend leadership and then let’s compromise with Satan because, hey, otherwise we might cause transgendered gnomes in Peoria to vote against us in the primaries and that would be the end, the END, I tell you!”

Guess what? It’s that kind of emasculated, pretend “leadership” that GOT us in the mess we’re in today.

How come none of those ever-so-too-clever-by-‘alf pundits and “think” tanks never considered the public perception of individuals who actually get up off their arses and, I don’t know, lead?

Why is it that the very same “smartest guys in the room” (in their own minds) who rightfully ridiculed Klintoon for not being able to decide whether to shit or to take a piss without polling the question first are the same people who now are willing to fundamentally alter national policy based on the outcome of the latest Podunk straw poll?

Has it ever occurred to those pasty-faced basement dorks that pretty much every single one of the actually successful leaders throughout history didn’t become successful by trying to be “popular?” Have they ever, and this is an obvious rhetorical question since none of those prom date rejects ever led anything or anybody, considered the fact that leadership is about doing what needs to be done because it, well, needs to be done, that people tend to flock to leaders who are actually unafraid of whether people like their decisions or not?

Do they think that Emperor Augustus laid the groundwork of an empire that would last for centuries by worrying about how his decisions might play with the broccoli-farming demographic of Apulia?

We mean, Crikey! Did they even pay fucking attention when they were having their lunch money stolen in school and, involuntarily, going for the Guinness World Record for wedgies in a week? Did those pissy-panted pansies ever stop to wonder about the dynamics of a situation where you had uncompromising bullies on one hand and vacillating, effeminate, frightened but oh so much more just people on the other? Did the vast middle side with the pussies because they were so very reasonable or did they suck up to the bullies because they knew that the dorks would never win and it would be better to curry favor with the bullies, no matter how obviously obnoxious they were?

Remember the “strong horse” principle? We know that a lot of those self-proclaimed deep thinkers know about it, because they never hesitated to point out the value of it when it came to fighting the godless, barbaric, backward, goat-molesting, throwbacks to the 7th century of the mooselimb world, yet somehow they think that it doesn’t apply here.

Yes, we are very different from those cave-dwelling, child-molesting, misogynist savages, but when it comes to basic human nature we’re not. Hence the word “basic.”

Currently we have two groups vying for control of our nation’s destiny: In one corner we have the socialist, fascist, tyrannical liberals under their God King Ogabe who want to utterly destroy every single thing that this nation was built to stand for, and in the other we have… Not much at all since they’re all pissing their pants at the thought of Chris Tingles disapproving of them on the next “Hardball.”

Guess which party the masses are going to side with. On one hand they have bastards they hate who have managed to almost destroy our nation and on the other they have a bunch of losers who, although they might say they’re willing to fight the socialists, are almost 100% likely to tuck their tails between their legs and run for the hills if the latest Quinnipiac poll tells them that it’s the “smartest” strategy.

Based on that, it doesn’t really take somebody like Socrates to figure out who is going to win, and nobody wants to be on the side of a certain loser because, even if you hate the winner, it’s always safer to be on his side after the dust settles.

It’s so simple that even Allahpundit ought to be able to grasp it, if you can wrest his pictures of Mittens in a thong away from him for long enough that he gets a chance to think about it.

Bottom line, though, is this: It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do because the alternative is worse than death and the clock is running out in the fourth quarter.

If Ogabe and the DemCong aren’t destroyed now, and I do mean destroyed, not just “defeated”, it will be too late.

It is quite literally last call, gentlemen. If they aren’t stopped now, NOT in 2016 or some other later date, nothing matters anymore because the Great Experiment that is our United States of America will be over and it WILL have failed. All that we will leave to the generations coming after us will be the kind of dystopia that I left, and if we allow that to happen, I would hope that they’ll spend a lot of their dreary, soulless, slave lives pissing and shitting on our graves and cursing our names for being a bunch of worthless shits, a disgrace to our nation’s legacy and an example for all of mankind NOT to follow.

It will be the only joy they will have.

Trust me.

I know.


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By Emperor Misha I

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