Does anyone really care that much about contraception when jobs and the economy are the real numero uno concern? I think not. Regardless, we have another full-court press campaign mode maneuver by the Dead Stream Hacks™ creating an irrational ‘issue’. This time they’ve been so fucking transparent in their mission of the month that a sub-retard could see through it (my apologies to sub-retards). Who the FUCK cares? This is a brazen and transparent attempt to control the narrative. They took an issue, entirely of Ogabe’s creation and are now trying to create a national discussion, casting republicans as the villains. Only the lying cockweasels of the MSM are capable of lying, distorting and twisting the truth to fit their need to control the narrative something critical to Ogabelini’s campaign. They’re all on message and keeping ‘it’ on the front page news. They’re getting help from the assholes over at Communist News Network, so David Gergen can mix it all up and then add the race spice into the recipe.

Gergen said, “For a lot of women it sounds like four white guys who are out there telling them, ‘Here’s how we’re going to control your lives’”

Now we can see even more clearly that the Race Card is going to be a HUGE part of Zero’s campaign. The real hquestion is will the nominee get bogged down defending himself against the race card? Yet here we are early-on getting distracted into an entirely made-up issue that is very, very low on the electorate’s interest.

This should be the time we once and for all, kill the strawman of race. We need someone with the guts to tell the race mongers to fuck-off and die, and whatever you do, do NOT act defensive. We all know that defending yourself to these morons will only let them build their phony case more. The race card dragon has been slayed by this administration and the left by being played over and over and over. The Republic knows this game and is damn tired of it being used. That creates an opportunity here, for a hero to drive the stake through the heart of race-baiters everywhere. It only takes the intestinal fortitude to step up with the tools they’ve been given now.

Let’s put an end to these speciously created ‘issues’ and stay on course with real issues. Jobs and the economy. Hell, even Fox has folks that play along and say “the jobs picture is improving”, they’ve fallen for the bullshit statistics used by the left. The economy is most assuredly NOT improving and we shouldn’t help Ogabe by sharing this pretentious statement. Putting any confidence in using fucking faked unemployment statistics as proof, is delusional. How many of us know that the DoL changed their algorithm last year (with approval from the WH), that improves the numbers?

This is WHAT must be on our radar, from now and into the general election. No turning into dead alleys of created issue and crises. No distraction from our message that Ogabe is incompetent, out of touch, and in way way over his head. This Hopey, McChangitude is totally in thrall to his sick ideology and could care less about his effects on real people out here in reality land.

-Carry On

[Oh, by the way it’s 83 degrees at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport as of 1553 CT. Not too shabby for the end of February huh? Just thought you poor bastiches up North and East would appreciate the statistic. I’m an evil fuck, eh?]

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