…take a look at the Aussie papers.

Two no hopers, and yet ANOTHER spill motion, to create a new leader and YES we may have a another new Prime Minister…over here, the PM is the leader of the party…only he isnt new here as he was the first one, before Julia Gillard pulled an earlier spill motion, and she became PM, and now Rudd wants his job back…and then we had an election, and a hung parliament, and the Greens run the show behind the scenes, not to mention the three Independents, who aren’t actually independent as they backed Labor instead of doing what their constituents wanted….

Did I mention we had this in NSW with three Premiers (yes I said THREE heads of state) and two at least we did not vote for…then we had an election, and then they were literally thrown out of office?

Okay where’s the Emperor’s stash of Danish whisky?

Ah here it is…down the hatch…

Don’t even think it, Caligula. MINE.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, now I remember.

I think.

Queensland is next, with THAT election predicted to send the State Government the way of the NSW party, but we can’t have a Federal election for a while, and meantime Gillard and Rudd are bickering over who should be leader, and if she is defeated, she won’t be Prime Minister any more, she has to move out of the PM’s residence, which she only just moved into(did I tell you that already?I did? Okay.)…that was of course before we had the carbon tax we weren’t meant to have, because Kevin Rudd nixed it before Julia came into the office she wasnt supposed to have, because the three independents (who aren’t independent actually, since they are solidly in Labor’s corner..i told you that didn’t I? I did? Okay.) and they were supposed to vote for the OTHER guy, and after the election Julia DID start a carbon tax telling us the circumstances had changed (exactly what had changed is unclear at this stage, not that we may now ever know, because Kevin wants his job back and if he does he will do…

..I have no idea what he will do.

He will want to move back into the Prime Minister’s residence, but he will have to wait, because Julia just moved in, and because he may be Prime Minister she can’t live there any more and she only just moved IN…did I tell you that? I did?

You sure?


Is anyone getting this so far?

Kevin? Julia? Misha?


Anyone? Hello…is this thing on..?

Excuse me a moment Sire..i just want to borrow this corner of the office for a moment.

*takes careful aim*

Lemme see here…okay, two centimetres to the right…ready…set…GO

[Editor’s Comment: Ladies and gentlemen, we now mercifully draw the curtain whilst the Imperial Guard work out what to do with an insanely gibbering Aussie who has a deathgrip on a half empty bottle of Danish hooch in one hand and the liquor cabinet key in the other.)

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By LCBren

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