I had something else I was working on to post, awaiting confirmation of something; and I run into THIS.

Ni3 ta1ma1 de5 tian1xia4 suo3you3 de5 ren2 dou1 gai1si3!

We have been had.

Once again, the Congressional Republicans have rolled over on us. Short form, Obama wants the payroll tax cut renewed to avoid blatantly raising the amount of money taken out of the paychecks of the smaller proportion of Americans who still have jobs, just before the election. The Republican stand was that the payroll tax cut would have to be made up with spending cuts somewhere. The Democrats insist that there is not a single cent of spending that can be cut; even with a $1.33 TRILLION deficit this year alone.

Rather than fight, Boehner just announced that he will give Obama his tax cut to take credit for just before the election, and demand absolutely nothing in return; because the media will say nasty things about them if they stand up to Obama. Read and either weep or rage, as the spirit moves you.

In the article, McConnell says that they need to stand and fight. Sir Rurik and a number of others here will recognize the term Maskirova. It was just a few days ago that this linguini-spined [with apologies to good Italian pasta], inbred stack of rancid meat was stating that they could not stand and fight over anything until after the election [if such actually takes place]. Now he wants to pretend that he has a pair. He does, but they produce estrogen. And honorable female members of our species should be taking offense at his abuse of an honest hormone.

News Flash. The bastards are taking turns. No matter what the issue is, either the Institutional Republican House or the Institutional Republican Senate will cave. There is more variety in the Senate, in that there is a core group of soganante Republicans who will sometimes take their turn at collaborating with the Democrats to give McConnell cover. But we have seen that for the last couple of decades, and especially since 2010; that the Institutional Republicans have absolutely no intention of defeating the Democrats on any issue. Or making a case for doing so to the American people. Their primary goal of late is to keep the TEA Party/Patriot movement from winning.

This election cycle, if completed, needs to have a different focus perhaps than the Institutionals want. Especially if the Institutionals force the nomination of Romney. If we can replace Obama with someone who is not going to continue his policies [“Mr. Romney, that means you are disqualified.”] we do so. But there needs to be an emphasis on Congress. We need to replace Democrats, and Institutionals with Patriots. And no, being a member of the Republican Party does not automatically qualify. If there is a Patriot primary opponent to an Institutional Republican, supporting them is as important as supporting a Democrat’s opponent in the General.

And November 7, if the election takes place on the 6th, and earlier if it does not; we have got to leave the Institutional Republicans and create a Patriot Party where we can turn our backs on each other without fear of pointed objects.

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

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By LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

Retired Peace Officer. Living History re-enactor [Co.'I', First US Dragoons] crewing a 12 lb. Mtn. Howitzer. Publish an online newsletter on military and political affairs [by email, largely because it goes to deployed troops. Thus this is not link-whoring.]

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