You know that when, on the night of president SCOAMF’s state of his diapers address, Allahpundit digs out a story about Nancy Lugosi’s allegations from last December about “secrets” she know about Newt Gingrich that she was about to violate the law by talking about, a story that didn’t get much traction back then because, well, who’s this “Newt” fellow anyway.

Heck, even Romney’s Flatulence, as the site ought to be called by now, hardly gave it any attention. After all, their Preferred Candidate was still Inevitable™ at the time and, besides, objectively such a threat to violate every rule in the book is just disgusting, no?

Until it might help your Golden Boy against a terribly plebeian peasant like Gingrich, at which point it’s time to barf the archives all over the site again.

Pathetic, Allahpundit, even for you. And that’s saying something.

Little Green Hot Air Balls any time soon? What’s the over-under on that?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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