Gingrich campaign to neutered RINOcrat cabana boy Sunununuuuuunununu: “Go pound fucking sand, you dickless piece of shit. Oh, and how about those tax returns?”

He doesn’t release anything, he doesn’t answer anything, and he’s even confused about whether or not he will ever release anything and then he decides to pick a fight over releasing something?

He could have, today, released his tax records so the voters of South Carolina could discover something.

Hs father, by the way, released them a year before the election and released 12 years. His father didn’t stand around going “gee maybe I will, maybe I won’t.’ I think it’s really very confusing , because after, come on give me a break.

I refuse to take seriously any request from the Romney campaign to disclose anything, because they clear do not disclose anything on any level that involves him.

That just about sums it up.

Go back and continue slurping Mittens’ dangling balls, why don’t you?

Let’s face it, Mittens ObamaProxy: Your attack chihuahua hasn’t got any teeth. Although we can clearly see where that, as far as his private services to you are concerned, might be an asset. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


UPDATE: In other news: Polls show Gingrich likely to stomp Mittens’ arse in South Carolina, Hot Gas Allahpundit on suicide watch.

So much for the 50-state sweep,

Erm, we know you don’t like to read those things because they make you cry, but he didn’t actually win Iowa, so his “50 state sweep” is already dead.

Does Romney care whether he loses tomorrow…

RomneyCare is one word, Allahpundit.



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