Newt smacks down that smarmy, shit-peddling felch artist John King so hard that his grandchildren will be feeling the sting (h/t Bill Quick):

Now, don’t get me started on Gingrich’s past infidelity issues, because you’d be preaching to the choir. Nobody needs to tell me that it was scummy behavior, even if we limit ourselves to the parts that are actually true, because that’s not the issue here.

The issue IS, as we spent 8 long years bemoaning during Dubya’s presidency, that there aren’t any Republicans with the stones to stand up to the liberal media’s shit-flinging. Well, it would appear that there is one in this race. For 8 long years I yelled at my TV every time yet another leftist Alinsky lie was thrown out there as “fact”, not because it was despicable to behold, but because the entire RINOcracy refused to FIGHT THE FUCK BACK!

Because that would be “unhelpful” and all, don’t you know? Also, if we suck up to the DNCMedia just a little bit more, then they’ll finally start liking us!

It was, and is, sickening to watch. For a while there we wondered if we should quit calling them the Stupid Party and go with the more apt French Surrender Monkey Party.

So Hell yeah, His Imperial Majesty loved watching the above. He also loved watching him demolish Juan Williams’ utterly predictable race-baiting and stomp on the greasy, smoldering remains of that liberal asshat just to really drive the point home.

It’s about time that the GOP quit yakking endlessly about how America is worth fighting for and then running away screaming like little girls (with our apologies to little girls everywhere) when an opportunity to actually do so presents itself.

It’s time to fight back. No, it’s way damn overdue. And unless somebody in the GOP finds enough of a spine (they can always go borrow one from a guppy if they can’t find the one they misplaced decades ago) to punch the leftist swine back right in the kisser every time they try to pull another fast one, then the fight is over.

It’s good to see that somebody in this race still understands that.

I’d rather it were somebody else, but we’ll take the fighter at the end of the day every day and twice on Sundays.

Are you serious about destroying the socialist cancer in our country? As in really serious? Then understand, please, that you don’t fight swine like that with civility, at least not if you have any intentions of ultimately winning the fight.

You wait for them to swing, then you kick them in the crown jewels, followed by driving a knee into their gremlin faces and then, when they’re on the ground, you douse them with gasoline and set them on fire.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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