I ran across this tidbit over at NewsBusters.The news we haven’t heard is that the Norks running Kim DingDong Ill’s funeral and the installation of his fat-fuck of a moron son, are already waging war on the people. The story is they’re prosecuting folk that didn’t show enough grief over Dear Leader’s departure to his demonic reward and our LSM isn’t saying shit about it. The LSM has the information (and fact-checked, too) and instead they’re running puff pieces about the old bastard’s funeral and reminiscing about his rule. Like the good little commies they are, they would NEVER run the truth about their fellow travelers. Here’s a snip of the whole article.

The North Korean authorities have completed the criticism sessions which began after the mourning period for Kim Jong Il and begun to punish those who transgressed during the highly orchestrated mourning events.

Daily NK learned from a source from North Hamkyung Province on January 10th, “The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.” [All emph mine-JB]

Isn’t that really special? You didn’t cry genuine enough, so it’s off to the labor camps with you. What kind of madness in government even considers this type of behavior (yeah, we know that answer). Every socialist/communist attempt at governing results in creating tyrannies of the party over the people, and especially the opportunity for someone to assume all powers, as socialism attracts wannabe tyrants like flies to shit. Naturally, in this hideous form of slavery, the boss will be the most ruthless of the political class as he/she/it would have used that ruthlessness to get to the top of the heap. Yeah bring it on you fucking commies of the DemProg party, this is what you have in store for us. Ogabe can blather endlessly about ‘fairness’ for this or that, but at the end of the day, it’s pure socialism that attempts to ‘equalize’ the classes it creates. To quote Andrew Wilkow : ‘socialism is for the people, NOT for the socialists’. Ogabelini is the perfect example of this here in the USA. He campaigns on ‘fairness’ and uses class warfare to divide everyone into an aggrieved class. Of course the ADD riddled portion of the populace agrees every time to ‘stick it to those rich bastards’. Class warfare uses sentiments of a particular class, to introduce their solution of ‘fairness’ as an election platform. Most of us envy the wealthy, but we don’t want them punished for whatever they’ve had to do (or not in the case of inherited wealth-see Kennedys) to achieve that wealth. The left spouts platitudes about making everyone equal by confiscating the wealth of individuals to be ‘redistributed’ to everyone. This will never be achieved as the socialists have no interest in individuals, only voting blocs of classes easily swayed into supporting them politically. The special classes are showered with benefits from the left, and more so if the class is part of the non-productive elements of society. The productive members of our society (and I think we’re heading for extinction) are merely the teats for the special folks (read non-productive) to suckle. Crazy eh? But politicians from the left have always been able to steal from Peter to pay Paul, and be assured they have a monolithic voting bloc of Pauls to vote for them. The trouble here is that the Peters are dwindling and like all ponzi schemes, it will fail at some point.

Misery, murder, and starvation are all unavoidable depredations of people living under the tyrants of the left’s deplorable ideology.

This is the kind of shit that our side “Of Stoopid™ should be running with hard. Hell this could be an expose of the end result of socialism/communism rule, as opposed to achieving the ephemeral Utopia where everybody is equal that the leftists promise us *spit*. That would give a renewal of the realface of socialism which doesn’t seem to have much effect anymore as it’s been used correctly, to identify quite a few of the left’s political class. But noooo, it wouldn’t be ‘civil’ right? Maybe racist too as we’re picking on Asian people too. No worries, that bastard weepy Boner would never, ever do anything ‘mean’ to the other side.

I have a number of ideas to show ‘our’ way of grief over a murderous, pedophile, commie cock-holster, that murdered tens of thousands of his own people.

It’s not a long read, so go for it

-Carry On

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