The Ogabe administration continuing with it’s war against any non-Muslim religions, just had one shoved so far up their rectums that they can pull toothpicks out of their socialist mouths.

Cheryl Perich was an employee of the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School as a teacher. Ms. Perich was, as a job requirement was a fully ordained minister of the Lutheran Church and taught both religious and secular topics. Ms. Perich developed narcolepsy that was severe enough such that she missed an entire teaching term. The local Synod asked her to resign as a result, being that small church operated schools cannot sustain long leaves of absence or sabbaticals by their staff, that a large public system might accommodate. Perich refused to resign and threatened to sue. In response to the threat, the church removed her commission as a minister and fired her. Perich filed suit alleging her job should have been protected as her disease was a disability. Ogabe’s minions, the EEOC joined her in the suit helped along by an Amicus appearance by none other than our friends at ACLU.

Historically in this type of suit where freedom of an entity (in this case the church), is balanced against important government interests to prevent workplace discrimination, as Ms. Perich and her fellow travelers allege. Another area of well-settled case law has established a ‘ministerial exception’ to federal workplace laws of this nature. Without this ministerial exception one can imagine the mischief that would happen, the Catholic Church being forced to ordain females, openly gay people suing for jobs that are in direct contravention with church teachings along with many, many other ludicrous situations. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Perich based on a dopey concept of how much time she spent teaching religious topics vs. secular topics. That the lower court would agree with such silliness was entirely expected, as they’re well packed with activist appointees.

The supremes rejected the lower court’s finding, by categorically stating that the matter ‘could not be resolved’ by a stopwatch. SCOTUS went on to reject Perich’ and EEOCs claim UNANIMOUSLY. Not even the Boy King’s wise latina sided with him on this one. This view, wrote Chief Justice John Roberts for the court, “has no merit.” EPIC fail, Slam dunk, game over, the e.n.d. and the turdministration gets their asses handed to them big ! The embarrassment alone is stunning, along with causing a major setback in the leftist’s war on any religious practices (other than Islamic, of course), and makes for a GREAT day for our conservative cause. The administration has been doggedly chipping away at religious freedoms since 2009. Another case where they’re meddling inappropriately is the ‘conscience clause’, which permits medical professionals or institutions to refuse to perform procedures that violate their religious or moral views. The administration believes this should be eroded as necessary to Obamney Care with it’s treatment of abortions. Also, I think that some of these cases are trial balloons for the future. We all know that the left loves to bring any type of litigation before the entrenched, friendly activist bench, which they’ve been setting up for decades. This victory has serious implications to the socialist’ cause, in that they cannot reach too far knowing what they thought to be a ‘tamed’ judiciary, was not so.

There should be much merry-making and dancing for joy as the socialist fucks get a fence-post proctoscopy by Scalia !!!!

Socialism needs to undermine the church, allowing the state’s deity (in whatever evil form it takes) exclusive control over the conscience of the people. The socialists know well that the morals and world view taught by the church are in direct conflict with establishing the state as the supreme influence for the populace. In modern times the socialists, keeping with their PC bullshit, wage war against any theology except Islam. I’m not sure that they even recognize that of all the organized religions, Islam would be a huge challenge to the state. Muslims in general have tremendous loyalty to Islam and it’s practices and I suspect that a socialist state would be hard-pressed to ‘re-educate’ Muslims to accept the needed political dominance. One exception to this might be the Sunni Muslim sect that many middle-east political leaders adhere to (such as our pal Saddam who’s enjoying his dirt nap), as it recognizes political organization does not conflict with the church ruled by it’s religious leaders or Imams. Another facet to consider in giving Muslims ‘special protection’ is in the internecine conflict that would erupt over which of the Islamic sects has power with our government. This is the root of conflict in the middle east now, between the somewhat more secular Sunni and the Shi’a muslim groups.

Be careful now folks, what with all those splinters stabbing away at your tongues making for another bad day for libruls.

It’s time for another happy-happy dance.

-Carry On

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