Because we do have limits for acceptable behavior, and this kind of behavior isn’t going to make it any easier for us to pull the lever for Mittens if he, Heaven forbid, gets the nomination.

There are exactly two species other than mankind that His Majesty absolutely reveres, and they are, in no particular order, horses and dogs.

Horses because we’re steeped in equine tradition and dogs because there is no other species as fiercely loyal to their masters as they are.

Throughout our life, if we have had the companionship of either or both, we haven’t eaten until they have. It remains true to this day. We have no room for a horse, but the Imperial Rott will not starve as long as we still have the means to feed ourself. We will.

So Mittens strapping his dog in a cage to the top of a car because he couldn’t find room inside on his Excellent Summer Vacation to the holiday mansion is so far beyond the fucking pale that we can’t even find the words. Either you find room for your loyal companion or you ALL stay the fuck at home. And to add insult to injury, when the poor terrified animal, exposed to the elements with no way of seeking refuge, most likely scared out of his wits, shat himself and Mittens’ response was to hose down the dog and the car and proceed onwards, no doubt hosing down the car first and leaving the now drenched AND terrified dog on top of the vehicle???

We would shoot somebody for less than that, and we would sleep quite well afterwards, thank you very much.

Yes, we will add that Mittens has no less than two less damning other versions of the story (depending on who he was talking to at the time as is obviously always the case with him), and anybody is free to believe them if they will. Normally we’d take his word over anything his accusers said unless substantial evidence was provided by the accusers, but we’re finding that increasingly hard since he has proven time and time again that he’ll say anything to serve himself (“I can’t have illegals! I’m running for president, for Pete’s sake!”) and that, whenever there are two sides to a story, he’ll be only too happy to provide all seventeen of them, depending on the audience.

You can forget the fuck about ORomneyCare, Bain Capital and whoever knows what else, but if you’re willing to treat a canine who is part of your family like that…

We’d happily feed your balls to the Imperial Rott for that alone, but only after you’ve proven that you’ve had your shots and after we’ve made sure that we have enough other food on hand to provide her with an actual meal.

If this is not proven, conclusively, to be a lie, then you’re dead to us.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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