But as the pig-bothering pisslamic shit sacks were already deceased, no useful intel was obtained:

Maybe it’s just us, but we’re pretty sure we can hear one of the dead Talibanimals humming “Singing in the Rain.”

What we’re seeing is, of course, not what it seems. The Marines had observed that the Hirabis were on fire and were trying their best to, helpfully, put the fires out with whatever they had at hand. Improvise and adapt. Well done!

Needless to say, the outrage, OUTRAGE is deafening across the blogosphere. How could they so disrespectfully treat the noble bodies of our valiant enemies??? It’s not like any one of the cadavers, prior to their overdue assumption of room temperature, might have been strapping bombs to little girls, beheading captive infidels with rusty scimitars or blowing up nuns. Oh, wait…

Of course CAIR, the unindicted front organization for pisslamic terrorism, is howling like stuck pigs which, needless to say, is music to our ears. Nothing that makes them scream like little bitches can possibly be a Bad Thing™. If you haven’t yet pissed off those fifth columnist swine, you’re not doing it right, so get your shit together already!

Not to mention “a couple of dead swine being pissed upon” ranks extremely low on His Imperial Majesty’s scale of Outrage™. We’re slightly disappointed, though, that they didn’t do a number two on them as well. If they had, Time would have made them Persons of the Year, just as they did for the Occutard shitting on a police cruiser. Oh, but that’s DIFF’RUNT!

Of course, now that the video has been leaked, the Corps pretty much has to pretend to give a shit. Our only hope is that they follow the mold of the Royal Danish Army and announce, five minutes after having promised a full investigation, that they have found, after a thorough review and interview with all parties involved, that the video doesn’t prove anything conclusively so, move along. Nothing to see here. Yes, that is the way it’s done over there. And once Army High Command states that there’s nothing to see, there is. nothing. to. see.

It’s our way over there of saying: “Dear hyperventilating civilians who sent us over here to get shot at, blown to shreds and otherwise inconvenienced in utterly brutal ways so that you could stay safe and snug in bed at home: War is nasty, brutal and ugly. That is why you send us to do it so you won’t get your hands dirty. If you don’t like how we perform your bidding, you are welcome to come take over. We wouldn’t dream of standing in your way. So put up or shut up, please. Warm regards from the ones whom you sent, because we sure as fuck didn’t write our own marching orders. Have a nice day and, by the way, YOU’RE WELCOME!”

Funny thing is: In all of my years, I never saw the tender-hearted, twinkletoed Hinterland Hypocrites take the Armed Forces up on their generous offer to come demonstrate their “kinder, gentler way” of warfare. We’ve often wondered why that is. Yes, that was sarcasm.

The thing is, the very bottom line: The Armed Forces don’t ask to be sent, they’re sent by the very same hypocrites who, when confronted with the harsh realities of a situation that they didn’t have the guts to deal with themselves, get the vapors and call for the persecution of those whom they sent. I spit on them. If they don’t like what they demand done in their names by better men than they can ever hope to be, they can just not issue the order to go.

War ain’t bean bag, and those on the sharp, brutal, life-threatening end of the spear can’t be expected to behave like good Catholic Choir Boys in the midst of death, danger and mayhem. You drop somebody in a toxic environment, toxic behavior is going to ensue and, as long as that behavior doesn’t include brutal treatment of innocents I couldn’t care less if I studied Advanced Indifference at Don’t Give a Shit University for two decades.

To those who still don’t get it, I repeat the offer: Suit up and go show the rest of us brutes how it’s done. Go teach the world to sing in perfect harmony while your buddies, your brothers whom you know better than anybody in the world and with whom you’ve gone through hell on earth, are getting shot, blown up, mutilated and brutalized all around you. You go do that and show us backwards Neanderthals how to maintain your cheery disposition and fair and open-minded behavior towards those who murdered the guy you went through The Suck™ with, his brains getting splattered all over your face. Please. DO IT!

Or shut the fuck up.

As to you Marines who needed to let off some steam in the middle of the shit: Carry on. Just make sure that nobody leaks the video the next time.


P.S.: And please, for the love of G-d, don’t anybody give us the old tired “this is only going to inflame the Hajjis further and help their cause” line, will you? Because we were getting along just dandy up until now, weren’t we? We’re not in this war, or at least we shouldn’t be, to get the animals to love us. We’re in it to get them to fear us worse than hell itself. At least if we even want to dream about winning it. And if we’re not in it to win, then why the fuck bother?

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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