Which, bring on the trumpet fanfares, leads to a magical “drop” in unemployment! Hooray!

We’re finally beginning to see Ogabe’s plan here: By November, every single unemployed American will have long given up on finding a job in Ogabe’s fascist control economy, leading to an unemployment level of 0% since, according to the statistical reindeer games used to calculate it, people who give up don’t officially exist anymore and most certainly aren’t unemployed anymore.

And the Ogabemedia will have synchronized orgasms for weeks, bloviating about the “miraculous recovery” that their Führer brought about.

How we long for the horrid days of “jobless recovery” back during the “worst economy since Hoover.” You know, back when unemployment sometimes threatened to go above 5%.

Those were the days. Horrid, dismal days of terror during the long, dark night of BushHitlerism, to be sure, but we miss them all the same.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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