Because it looks like we’re going to be needing it pretty damn soon.

And it’s not like we can count on the spineless suckweasel RINOs in DC to push it, as we learned when King Ogabe sent our troops to war without so much as a Congressional Resolution of “Alright, if you must” and the collective response of the “Republican” Party was a massive, protracted shrug and yawn.

What would happen if the left finally got an actually illegal war and nobody paid attention? We know that now. The liberal left will utterly forget every single ridiculous accusation they ever hurled at Bush regarding a not illegal war and the dickless Democrats in Anything But Name (aka The Party of Stupid, aka the “Republican” Party) will completely ignore the blatant violation of the Constitution in front of their noses and excuse themselves by telling all of us Hobbits that it would be “unhelpful” to do anything about it when what they really ought to say is that they’re scared shitless that the Lamestream Ogabemedia would call them names. Because if there’s anything that the RINOglican Party fears more than the utter destruction of the Constitution and nation that they, laughably, pretend to love and protect during election seasons, it’s having their avowed political enemies saying mean things about them.

Such is the nature of the fearless stalwarts we have in Congress representing us.

Think about it. Ogabe didn’t even try to hide behind the actually reasonable excuse that sometimes the executive has to act now and ask for permission later (which would have been a hard sell since Khaddaffi posed no threat, imminent or otherwise, to us or our national interests), instead he laughed in the face of even having to seek it after the fact because, L’etat, c’est MOI!

And all the “Republicans” did was chirp so loudly that the crickets filed a complaint with the NLRB.

If they’d been at Valley Forge they would have sent everybody home due to inclement weather and apologized to King George for having hurt his feelings.

And now Boy King Ogabe has decided to up the ante further by, once again, taking a piss on the Constitution by making four, count ’em, FOUR “recess appointments” when Congress isn’t, in fact, in recess. And he and the NSDWP are laughing all the way to the bank because they know that nobody on the other side has the stones to call their bluff. Dingy Harry Screed, for instance, is fully in support of this illegal and un-Constitutional act of Imperial agression, which is funny considering that he was utterly in favor of keeping Congress in session in ’08 to keep Bush from doing anything similar. Bush had to follow the rules, but King Ogabe doesn’t.

To his credit, Bush did.

So forget about “checks and balances.” They have been revoked by Führerdiktat and there is not a single half-limp dick in Washington DC who’s man, or even half-man enough to do something about it. Ogabe can do whatever he pleases whenever he pleases.

We have to admit that we’re beginning to think that the “alarmists” suggesting that we may not have anything even remotely resembling an actual election this year may not be alarmist at all. After all, what’s to keep King Ogabe from calling them off or fixing the results? We sure as fuck can’t count on the sniveling snots who call themselves “Republicans” to lift a finger.

Our “bold” prediction (as “bold” as predicting that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow) about the “consequences” of Ogabe’s latest dictatorial usurpation of powers not belonging to the executive branch?

None at all. The liberals and the Ogabemedia (but we repeat ourself) will utterly forget how much up in arms they were about even the possibility that Bush might have done so (but never did) and the retarded cheese-eating surrender monkey “Republicans” in DC will refuse to fight it or even bring it up as it is “unhelpful” and, again, it might make The New York Slimes call them unseemly things.

Another prediction is that, should we actually have elections in the future and win one, the precedent being set will never, ever be used against the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party. They know that, which is why they’re not in the least worried about pulling the trigger, because they know that the consequences will be non-existent. Unlike some of us who, back when getting rid of the filibuster was a topic of discussion during the Bush administration, cautioned that whereas we, too, were heartily sick and tired of the NSDWP blocking everything the majority tried to move through, that sword cuts both ways. We regret our reluctance back then, because we should have realized that it really didn’t matter if we did it first or not, the fascist NSDWP would do it anyway.

Curse us for once again falling into the trap of wanting to play fair.

So the Party of Stupid Surrender will, and G-d we pray to be proven wrong, will once again do nothing at all as our Constitution circles closer to the drain.

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. And we don’t even have anybody in Congress representing us who would qualify as “good.”

Or “men”, come to think of it.

So we guess that means that it is, once again, up to We The People.

Or we can just join the fat fucks in DC and go back to sleep, hoping that at least the shackles will be lined with velvet so’s not to chafe too badly.

No. Fuck that.

It’s time for Good Men and Women to do something, and the time is now.

If not now, then when?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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