And it’s Mittens by 8 votes.

Our long Iowa nightmare is finally over. We can now go on to concern ourselves with things that matter.

If you look at the map, you’ll note that Santorum dominates it except for a few voter heavy (urban?) enclaves, which is a pattern we recognize from general elections where the latter tend to be liberal socialist strongholds. Take from that what you will.

Then there’s Luap Nor in third, expressing the “none of the above” protest vote combined with the liberal Operation Chaos vote since they, having no dog in the fight, would like nothing more than a candidate who cannot win.

Finally, we have Governor Perry and the Newt in fourth and fifth and Bachmann in sixth who, at this point, really needs to start considering whether she’s in it for herself or if she’s in it to become the 2011 version of Huckabee, ensuring Mittens’ nomination.

Our predictions? Mittens will do well in damnyankee New Hampshire but he’ll be a dead man walking once his campaign passes the Mason-Dixon line where we don’t tend to like used car salesmen with no firm positions other than abortion is good, healthcare mandates are just fine and social mores don’t matter a whole damn lot. He’s dead down here as far as the primaries go.

The only question remaining is who’s going to drop out and endorse a not-Romney? And who’s that not-Romney going to be?

We stand by Governor Perry as the only candidate who is conservative and enough of an arsehole to stand by his convictions, but we’ll support just about anybody who isn’t flip-flop Mittens. What we won’t support is a no-hope candidate whose only purpose is to split the vote enough to ensure Obamney’s nomination.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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