Fighting courageously for every fictional American’s right to vote as many times as possible (as long as they vote NSDWP, that is).

The Obama administration entered the fierce national debate over voting rights, rejecting South Carolina’s new law requiring photo identification at the polls and saying it discriminated against minority voters.

Friday’s decision by the Justice Department could heighten political tensions over eight state voter ID statutes passed this year, which critics say could hurt turnout among minorities and others who helped elect President Obama in 2008. Conservatives and other supporters say the tighter laws are needed to combat voter fraud.

It’s amazing that Race Baiter General Holder has time for this on top of covering up for and lying about his complicity in the mass murder of 300 Mexicans, but not even his deep and abiding pathological racist hatred of little brown people will stop him from interfering with elections.

And telling minorities that they’re obviously too damn stupid to request an absolutely free State ID in case they’re among the select few who don’t already have a valid ID on hand, such as “anybody who legally drives a motor vehicle.”

His condescending racism knows no bounds but, then again, he IS a member of the most well-documentedly racist party in the history of our nation, so what would you expect?

What’s next? ID requirements for buying a six pack “discriminating against minorities” too? Funny how there is no outcry about “civil liberties” and “discrimination” when it comes to buying liquor, you can demand ID as much as you bloody well like there, but trying to make sure that only voters actually eligible to vote get to do so is just beyond the pale!

Where His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Misha I, comes from, the voting process is (or was, it may have changed) positively draconian compared to here. The way it worked was that you were assigned to vote in a particular district. Said district then had a long printout of everybody supposed to vote there and, when you arrived, you produced your ID, had your name crossed off on the list and away you went to the voting booth.

And believe you us, based on merely observing the results in parliament of this system, it was absolutely no hardship for even the most bumbling of useless retards to find their way to the voting booths, ID in hand, so we think that even our much-maligned (by the Democrats) minorities over here ought to be perfectly capable of doing at least the same.

Trust us, Democrats. We know that you’re still struggling with getting your tiny little racist minds around it, even after a century and a half of trying, but the darkies are actually capable of things more complex than picking cotton under the supervision of your overseers.

And if you think that the NSDWP’s condescension is bad in the above, wait until you see the next one:

A U.S. District Court judge has rejected a challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — filled when the Department of Justice barred the city of Kinston, N.C. from holding nonpartisan elections — reasoning that lack of access to party affiliation would discriminate against minority voters who otherwise wouldn’t know how to find Democratic candidates on a ballot.

Not only are the damn darkies, according to Heinrich Racist Holder’s DoJ, too damn bloody stupid to apply for a free Voter ID card, they’re too bloody daft to find the “correct” candidate on a ballot unless he has a big “D” next to him.

Forget about finding out about what the candidate stands for, that is obviously too complex for the darkies according to the Massas of the NSDWP, the dumb animal slaves just need a big arrow pointing to his name so they’ll know who they should vote for.

It would be so much easier for the Democrats if they didn’t have to fight these battles over and over again, but the damn Republicans forced their hands when they insisted on letting the darkies vote too.

And remember, children, if you don’t support the notion that darkies are somehow less than human, three-fifths, perhaps?, and therefore need to be led like children throughout their wretched lives, then you’re a RAAAAACIST.

Personally, we still don’t understand why minorities vote for the condescending pricks in the NSDWP who keep insisting that they’re second-rate human beings (and that’s on a good day). If it were us, we’d be roaming the streets looking for somebody to string up.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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