In which we get inexcusably long-winded yet again, but such is the way of an Emperor and, besides, we need to say it again. Feel free to skip if it makes you uncomfortable or, quite possibly, bored out of your wits)

Actually, make that one easy step. Just follow the advice in this propaganda video aimed at the Obama Youth on how to ruin the holidays by haranguing your elders endlessly over the holidays by insisting that they stop being so stuffed up and conservative and start following where Dear Leader leads.

We find particularly endearing, in much the same way that you might find a dog trying to lick peanut butter off its palate endearing, the statement of the first doofus who, apparently fresh out of his diapers and still looking forward to the day when he finally gets to shave off the first peach fuzz on his upper lip (or perhaps waiting for his nuts to drop), states that what he found most appealing about Ear Leader is that “he was a politician of my generation.”

Not to put too fine of a point on it, baby boy, but Barack Hussein Obunghole was having gay sex in Chicago bath houses and snorting coke like it was going out of style years before you were even a horny glint in your daddy’s eyes, so you might want to rethink that “my generation” nonsense of yours. By the time your daddy finished middle school, Ear Leader had already memorized Rules for Radicals and joined “Reverend” G-d DAMN America! Wright’s “church.”

The rest of the video is equally chock full of imbecilic platitudes, the likes of which you might expect from individuals who are old enough to think that they know everything and young enough to be more ignorant than a fence post. Yes, we remember that age ourself.

What is quite interesting, at least to those of us who, unlike the ignorant babes in the video, ever cracked open a history book, is that it’s clearly directed at the youth, calling for them to carry the flag forward, shoving it in the face of their parents and giving them the ultimatum of either joining the New Deutschland America or get out of the way.

Note also how the parents and grandparents are universally portrayed as stubborn, set in their ways, intransigent, yet lovable, you just need to give them a push in The Right Direction™ and they, too, will realize the wisdom you’ve accumulated over your long 18 years of life. The condescension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

“Us versus them” with the young ones pitted against the ones who put them in this world and without whom the little brats would have been eaten by wolves.

It’s brilliant and it has always worked, and that is one thing that people who have been rational all of their lives don’t understand. Those of us who’ve been subjected to this sort of socialist, national or international, Gleichschaltung, on the other hand know exactly what’s going on.

But who gives a fuck about what we say? We’re just paranoid cranks and, anyway, “It Could Never Happen Here™.”

You’re fucking wrong about that. It CAN happen here and it WILL unless conservatives quit pretending that it’s not an issue.

Conservatives in this country have been doing that for almost half a century now, being too busy making a life for themselves and their families while the socialists were busy with their March Through the Institutions™, lulling themselves to sleep with the It Can’t Happen Here™ mantra, and we’re getting pretty close to the point where it’s too late to do anything about it.

The NSDWP and their Führer know the playbook. They have it memorized, and they are right at the point where they feel they can make the final push and that’s why they’re doing it. They have, while conservatives slept fitfully, managed to brainwash an entire generation and turn them into a bunch of whiny, narcissistic brats who expect everything to be handed to them, free of charge.

That generation has never had to earn anything in their lives, the “child labor laws” took care of that. Conservatives slept because, after all, we don’t want our kids to be slaving in coal mines, do we? Well, “coal mines” now include paper routes. They have been taught that every single adverse event in their lives is somebody else’s fault. That if they lack something, it’s not because they haven’t earned it, it’s because some undeserving thief stole it from them by not paying their “fair share.” They have learned that any behavior is OK, that if it’s out of the norm it’s “special” and that anybody criticizing it is a bigot and a hater. They have learned that rewards shouldn’t be based on achievement, but rather on mere participation. If you show up for the game, you’re just as “special” and “worthy” as the ones who showed up and did something. To NOT agree that everybody is equally worthy of praise is “anti-social” and therefore there is absolutely no incentive to make an effort. Why would you? You can work your arse off doing 80-hour weeks with school, work, chores and practice, but you still won’t get more than the brat who stayed at home all week playing on his X-Box, eating Cheetos until he looked like Michael Moore. And if you DO earn something, then you’re an anti-social “1%-er” who should be punished for not sharing your earned wealth with somebody who didn’t do a thing to earn it.

The list goes on and on. The end result, however, is that we have a whole generation of useless fuckwits whose only goal in life is to make somebody else pay their way. It’s eternal adolescence, and who doesn’t want that?

And the National Socialist Democrats know that, and they also know that the stunted weaklings that their patient campaign has produced are now old enough to vote.

Again: It’s brilliant.

The socialists in this country did their homework.

They realized, right off the bat that their ideological forefathers were right: To control current events you need to convince the current generation, but to truly control events in perpetuity, you have to control the youth. The old ones will die off eventually, after all. But then they realized that if you truly want to control the future, you have to make sure that the youth is ready before you make your power grab. You won’t have to convince them then, because they already are. They won’t be prone to changing their minds in the future, because their minds don’t know any alternative to what you’ve been brainwashing them into believing.

So they waited patiently. They spent decades sowing the seeds and waiting for the harvest, and now they feel it’s here.

And it’s all because conservatives in this country kept telling themselves that “the kids are alright” and “it can never happen here.”

Well, guess what? It’s happening.

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing, and the good men and women have been doing nothing at all for decades.

So you may see the above video as just another silly, desperate power grab by a dying socialist Democrat fascist wannabe dictatorship, but what you’re actually seeing is the end game.

Unless 2012 changes the narrative, but a simple election victory won’t do that, it will only staunch the bleeding at best.

What this nation that our Founders built needs in order to survive is a complete 180, and if you think that the likes of Newt or Mittens will get even close to accomplishing that, you’re deluding yourselves.

This is it.

Take it from somebody who knows.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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