LC Tallulah, GLOR, mentioned it in a comment before we could even get around to it, but credit where credit is due.

Ace makes a strong case for Governor Rick Perry and we urge you to read it. Yes, it’s Ace, and it tends to get long-winded (which is one reason why we love his site because he reminds us of our own endless digressions), but you owe it to yourselves to read it because every point he makes is a good one.

So go read. We’ll still be here when you come back.

We shan’t try to summarize what he’s saying, just highlight a few points why we agree:

1) Perry’s character is rock solid. He’s a guy who worked his way up, who has no affair skeletons, alleged or proven, in his closet to make up easy targets for the liberal media who only seem to care about morals where Republicans are concerned.

2) His “fumbling” in the debates and the OgabeMedia’s narrative is irrelevant. No Republican candidate for any office has ever been painted as anything but a buffoon by the Mediots, and people are getting used to it. Look back, if you’re old enough to worry about the grey in your beard. Reagan, of all presidents, was painted as a bumbling fool. The voters are on to that game and, besides, in the situation that our nation is in, nobody really wants a game show contestant. They want somebody with a record of success.

3) Speaking of success, there is no denying that Texas has created half of all of the new jobs created in this nation since the ObamaDepression started. What do you think matters to people trying to make ends meet these days? Why do you think that corporations and citizens are fleeing from blue states to Texas? Do you really think that they give a good shit about how “cerebral” and “slick” Newt or ObamNey is? No. They want to be able to get a job so they can feed their families.

4) Stack the three of them up against each other. Mittens is a slick used car salesman who will say anything you want him to hear. The only, ONLY time he’s ever stuck to one particular position is in his defense of RomneyCare, which is currently busy bankrupting the state that he once misgoverned. “Mittens, He’ll Only Stick By The Wrong Solutions!”. One heck of a campaign slogan. Newt is a smart guy with encyclopedic knowledge of just about whatever happened in this nation since the Revolutionary War. Only problem is, the OgabeMedia aren’t going to talk about brains if he’s the candidate opposing their Anointed One because they know they’re going to lose. It’s going to be “All Newt Infidelity, All The Time.” And if you think for a second that they’re going to let the great unwashed peek into the shallow intellect of their Black Jesus as compared to Newt’s, you’re dumber than a sack of rocks. We’ll for once see a campaign where the Liberal Media is talking about nothing but moral values, something they usually ignore because they don’t have enough column space left over from talking about the wonders of depravity. Add to that that Newt is known for having great ideas that don’t really lead anywhere, a history of flip-flopping almost as bad as MittBama, and you really can’t find anything solid to attach to a Newt candidacy. Newt is a smart guy, but he’s also utterly flimsy. What the American people needs right now isn’t a candidate with great ideas about moon bases and orbital mirrors, although we agree that those are worthwhile pursuits, but concrete ideas as how to get their jobs and their income back.

Perry has all of that. It’s dead simple: Get DC out of our lives, let states experiment if they want, but don’t make it a federal mandate, kill regulations that kill American jobs, leave us the fuck alone to pursue the American dream.

And he can prove it, as the longest serving Governor of any American state, that it works.

It’s not just state pride when I steal a phrase and say that “the rest of y’all can go to Hell. As for myself, I’m going to Texas.”

Perry. For states’ rights. For American pride and exceptionalism. For individualism, for the belief that we ARE that shining city on a hill and that we, through simple measures, not endless fiddling around with slowing the decay, can get back to that which built what we are today and which we stand to lose if we don’t stop the decay, right now.


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By Emperor Misha I

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