Case in point, from Hot Air’s “Quotes of the day”:

Sayeth Mittens ObamneyCare:

“‘Let’s look at the record,’ he said. ‘When Republicans were fighting for cap and trade and needed a leader to stand up against cap and trade, he did an ad with Nancy Pelosi about global warming,’ he said. ‘When Republicans took one of the most courageous votes I’ve seen in at least a decade to call for the reform of Medicare under the Paul Ryan plan, he goes public and says this is a ‘right-wing social engineering’ plan. Even today he called it ‘suicide.’”

This coming from the campaign of a fuckup who actually designed ObamneyCare and, to this day, refuses to admit that it was a mistake, even as the state he was a governor of at the time he came up with the idea of turning Massachusetts into Poland is about to go bankrupt as a result of his treason.

Yes, his criticisms of Newt “Pelosi Couch” Gingrich are well deserved, but they would be so much more convincing if they came from somebody who didn’t merely stop at sharing a couch with Pelosi and her liberal fascist cohorts but, rather, went all the way to home plate by spreading her legs and planting his lips on her rancid cooch, providing her and the NSDWP with a road map toward fascism.

How’s that taste, Mittens? You might want to floss your teeth at least, because it looks like a skunk is stuck between your incisors.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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