LC emily_nelson, GLOR, responded to my “lest this site becomes ‘all Perry, all the time'” line in the last post with “What’s wrong with that? I like reading about Perry. After reading a column about him, I don’t feel like I need to prepare for the imminent Apocalypse” and you know what? She’s right.

Why not indeed? 2012 is going to be one of the most monumentally important elections in our nation’s history. We’ll choose whether we destroy everything the Founding Father’s believed in or if we start out on the long, hard road back. We’re not going to get a second chance. Four more years of Ogabe and everything this nation was founded on will end up under the heading of “America-That-Was.”

And, as a result, it matters immensely who our standard bearer is going to be.

So why not talk about that? My Imperial principle that I will vote for anybody who isn’t Ogabe in the general election remains unchanged and won’t ever change, but we’re not there yet.

So I got to thinking about “what’s really wrong about Governor Perry?” WARNING: I’m about to get long-winded here.

Yes, we all know about his gotcha moments in the “debates” but, really, if a game show contestant is what you want, then perhaps you should limit your voting to American Idol. How we, myself included, got sucked into the Vortex of Idiotarianism™ where a candidate has to never ever make a single misstep in a “debate” moderated by liberal fanatics whose only concern is how they can make the candidates on stage look dumb in order to be considered “viable” we don’t know, but we’re at least somewhat guilty as charged. What makes this retarded standard even more retarded is that the nominee will be facing an incumbent who, without a teleprompter and a speech written by a third party, can’t string a sentence together that a professional linguist with several Masters’ degrees to his name can’t make heads nor tails of.

The Imperial Heirs made more sense at the age of 1, for crying out loud.

So what’s “wrong” about Perry? I oughta know, being a proud citizen of the Republic of Texas of which he’s been the governor for more than a decade.

I looked around and, while searching my mind and the Internets, came across this post by, of all people, Mittens fan boy Allahpundit which linked to this video. Yes, I know, it’s more than three minutes long, but it will give you an insight into the governor that I know, a true patriot with a deep and abiding love for this nation, somebody whose patriotism is more than lip service paid to those others who fought:

Also embedded in Allahpundit’s post was this video, governor Perry’s latest campaign ad:

Done watching videos?

A few points from the last one, the campaign video.

Governor Perry is running on his record and, seriously, is there anything wrong with that? As he points out, while our nation lost 2 million jobs due to Ogabe’s Marxist Cloward-Piven strategy, Texas created, not “created or saved”, 1 million jobs. Is that less important than Newt Gingrich encyclopedic knowledge of the dietary requirements of an infantry battalion during the Indian Wars? I would love to see Newt eviscerate O-bam-bam in a presidential debate, if Ogabe ever agrees to one, but then again my dog could do that. Pick a random second grader from Texas and he or she would be able to do that. Heck, my toe lint could do it.

Also, what you will see in that ad is Perry standing up and attacking the true core of our problems, the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure in the White House, head on and unconcerned about being “uncivil”. I particularly liked the way he pronounced “abomination” when referring to ObamaCare so it sounded like “Obamanation”.

And, let’s face it, if Mittens is our candidate, ObamaCare, an issue that 2/3 of the American people were against at the time of it’s “passing” is off the table. How can Mittens bring that subject up in debates with Ogabe when he was the one who not only designed it, but also fully endorsed the “individual mandate”, aka “the right of the federal government to force you to buy any product they want or you go to jail.”

Even my socialist native country didn’t go THAT far.

Do we need a president who will go for the throat, or do we need a president who is too afraid of critical mention in the Obama Ball Washer Brigades™ (aka “the main stream media”) to ever attack the scourge of our nation directly?

At least my governor has the nuts to call a spade a spade.

But of course there are legitimate criticisms of governor Perry too. Take Gardasil, for instance. That was a monumental brain fart of his when he tried to push through, by executive order, what ought to go through the legislature in Austin. What was his reaction, though, when he got bombed back to the stone age by responses from conservatives who’d helped elect him? He backed down and admitted that he’d been thinking with his heart instead of his brain.

Then there’s the “heartless” comment about people opposed to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and I’ll be the first to admit that that one pissed ME clean off.

Of course, you have to view it in context, and if governor Perry had been more of a game show contestant with great hair like Mittens, he would have done that too. But he, once again, answered with his heart. What you have to realize is that Texas isn’t Ohio. And I don’t mean the Hispanic vote either. What I mean is that we HAVE a bunch of illegal immigrants and children of illegal immigrants, and the reason that we have them ISN’T our fault, it’s the fault of an idiot damnyankee federal government in Washington DC who refuses to enforce its own laws and who sues any state that tries to do the job that they refuse to do. Just ask Arizona. After all, it’s not their problem, safely ensconced as they are in fancy restaurants within the Beltway and, besides, there are votes to be bought.

So the Republic of Texas is left with a mess that we’re not allowed to do something about and, as a result, we’re left with two choices: Do we attempt to integrate those new residents who were brought or born here by their law-breaking parents by helping them get an education and thus become productive members of our society or do we deny them that and find ourselves on the nasty end of a lawsuit while, even if we win the suit by getting a bunch of insulated from reality judges in damnyankee land to agree with us, creating a permanent criminal and utterly useless underclass?

Trying to find a way of squaring that circle is somehow a disqualification for becoming president?

Finally, the charge is sometimes being brought against governor Perry that he’s a squish. Yes. Perry has backed down in the past. The thing is, every single time he’s backed down it has been because of protests from the people who elected him. The Gardasil case is an example that I like to bring out because I wrote G-d knows how many pissed off letters to his administration about that.

How is this “worse” than candidates who back down every single time the liberal fascists get the vapors and giving them everything they want in exchange for vague promises about future concessions on their behalf that, as we know, never happen?

How is it even the same?

At least he’s only listening to the people who actually did give him a mandate, as opposed to the editorial board of Pravda the New York Times.

Isn’t this what representing the people who voted for you is all about?

I haven’t always agree with governor Perry over the 11 years he’s been my governor, but I’ve always known that he’d listen to me because I voted for him, because I chose him to represent me, and because he valued my opinion more than the opinion of some fucked up, pampered liberal fascist columnist who’d just as soon piss on him as give him the time of day.

That matters to me. I’ll never get somebody who agrees with me on everything, but at least I can get somebody who appreciates my support and who recognizes that his job isn’t to represent his own “genius”, but to represent those who hired him for office.


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