It is truly saddening that it has come to this, and sadder still that such as suggestion should even be considered “controversial.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Sunday for a constitutional amendment to allow prayer in public schools.

Our Founding Fathers would be thinking they had died and gone to hell if they were around to see this.

That we have to even think about resorting to going through the Amendment process just to rein in the Supreme Court in order to protect rights that are already specifically protected in the increasingly misnamed Bill of Rights is so far beyond the absurd that it defies description.

You will note, please, that Governor Perry is not asking for prayer to be mandatory, merely that it be allowed. The former would be a violation of the First Amendment, the latter is an enumerated right specifically protected by it.

Unless you have English comprehension skills at the level of a newborn, that is, which is apparently all it takes to become a Supreme Court “Justice.”

But somehow that is considered “controversial” enough to make headlines. The only reason for it to make headlines is that we’ve slid so far down the slippery slope that anybody would have to make a case out of it.

What this country truly needs is a bunch of pissed off Virginians and a shitload of muskets.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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