Because that would be unhelpful, as it always seems to be according to the Establishment RINOcracy whenever somebody points out the truth about SCOAMF.

Now we find that, after having given us the soon-to-be Pisslamic Republics of Egypt and Libya, the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, Ogabe, is busy trying to help out the Pisslamic Republic of Iran in their quest for nukes they can drop on the Jooos.

Another “unhelpful” issue that will get coverage in the OgabeMedia at a level somewhere between “slim” and “none.”

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is urging US lawmakers to soften proposed sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank, Senator Mark Kirk said on Tuesday.

Kirk, a Republican, is the co-author along with Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of a proposal to penalize foreign financial institutions that do business with Iran’s central bank, the main conduit for its oil revenues.

The Senate approved the proposal last week 100-0 despite lobbying against it by Obama administration officials, who argued that threatening US allies might not be the best way to get cooperation in action against Iran.

Wait… Back up a bit. 100-0? And Ogabe the SCOAMF is still butting in to oppose it?

A senior Senate Republican aide said the document that the administration sent to lawmakers’ offices proposed lengthening, from 60 to 180 days, the grace period in the Kirk-Menendez proposal before sanctions would kick in for non-oil transactions with Iran’s central bank.

Thus giving Comrade Petukh Ogabe’s best buddy, Ahmadinnerjacket, four more months of non-sanctions to build the nukes he wants so badly.

The administration also sought to “water down the penalties” on foreign banks that do business with Iran’s central bank, the Senate aide said. The administration favored imposing “strict conditions” on such foreign banks, rather than the all-out cutoff from the US financial system that is in the Kirk-Menendez amendment.

“Strict conditions” meaning, as we all know, “no conditions at all beyond a sternly worded letter of luke-warm disapproval.”

So here we have Definitely Not At ALL Conflicted in His Loyalties and Absolutely NOT Anti-Semitic™ SCOAMF Ogabe trying to water down sanctions that were passed unanimously in the Senate in order to buy some time for a madman who has, repeatedly, declared that he wants to destroy our most loyal ally in the Middle East, Israel, in a nuclear holocaust.

But Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to the Nazi, shall we?

That piece of Jooo-hating filth can’t be kicked out of the White House soon enough.


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By Emperor Misha I

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