Or something like that. Fresh from Sweden, that country that liberals always tell us troglodyte conservatives is the bestest country that ever existed in the world AND it’s because they adopted almost every single item on the liberals’ wish list (and then they, inexplicably, refuse to pack up their bags and go live in that liberaltopian paradise rather than stinking up this place):

Legless man denied wheelchair.

“But we were told there’d be no math rationing under government healthcare!”

“It’s not rationing because, SHUT UP!”

Anyway, the poor guy lost both his legs to diabetes and was in dire need of a wheelchair to, you know, enable him to get around. No problem, right? Nanny State takes care of you, right? Well, no, not so much. Ol’ Nanny didn’t want to give him a wheelchair because, and this is where it gets truly hilarious (but entirely believable if you’ve ever lived under the kind of socialist bureaucratic hog shit that liberals keep selling to the less intellectually endowed of the American electorate, i.e. Fiddy2ers, who, being dumber than a sack of rocks, lap it up enthusiastically):

the local health authority remained “uncertain if the impairment was permanent”.

Maybe they were waiting for him to grow another pair?

Perhaps after the next Obama visit, once he gets done making the waters recede and the peoples of the world heal (and his 478th round of golf. Since October). Surely such a task can’t be difficult for He Who Brings Light and Heals the World™, the God Emperor Ogabe?

Or perhaps the Swedish bureaucrats are simply every bit as unimaginably, cosmically useless and inept as every other civil servant on the planet? Ranking below even telephone sanitizers, hairdressers, and advertising account executives.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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