The folks that wanted to derail the Cain Train got what they want and it bodes ill for the country. The likes of Gloria Alred have now become the new kingmakers (or breakers) using the techniques of deceit and the overt manipulation of public opinion. I hope that crowd knows that in the end Karma is a cold bitch and favors no one. Someday, someplace she’ll come a-calling on them.

I and many, many others were taught that we would always do well to tell the truth and stick with it. The ‘Truth Will Prevail’ has become solely a biblical truism. The new standard is, anything goes, need a convenient truth to prop up your polling? Make one up, and if you’re the right kind of person, the media in their total bias will support you 150%. Your opponent is gaining on you? Trot out a series of bimbos with inane, improbable and unsubstantiated claims about your past. These work well because the left is so self-absorbed with the nonsensical political correctness. There are many, many reasons why Ogabe has been careful to lock his past away, and in his case it’s been a monumental cover-up. He’s been in the White House for 3 years now and we know no more about him now than when he was selected. We don’t even have someone from his college days coming forward, no roomies, no ex’s, no dates, nothing about O. It’s almost as if he didn’t exist prior to his entrance into politics in Ayer’s living room. This is an excellent example to contrast Ogabe vs. Cain and the effect of the media, coupled with the short attention span, ADD-riddled Fiddy-twoers.

This fucking circus side show of a republican primary has been entirely negative. Who fucked up in the debates (who cares), who has a literal fill-in-the-blank scandal on their record (think rocks) or who was complimenting female employees, which is entirely inappropriate. The PC as dictated by the left, determines everything in these alleged sex scandals. Strangely PC was tossed out the window when it involved blow-jobs and cigars in the Oval Office. As always with liberals, their conduct is entirely acceptable, but the same conduct (or much less egregious) from Republicans is earth shattering news, and demanding of heads to roll.

We knew we would never get our ideal candidate out of this process as they chose to sit it out, and we are now literally stuck playing “Last Man Standing”. The GOP establishment is primarily responsible for this because of their ongoing battle with conservatives. Of course, the Dems and Ogabe fellators are in on the party too, to force selection of the RomTurd. I don’t fucking care what some of the sage pundits think (Coulter), I know the WH desperately wants to run against both Romneys. Like others have said, we’re looking at a redux of McCain’s abortion of a candidacy.

It’s a fucking sad day in America, if our political processes are no longer based on a candidate’s attributes, but instead, who’s the best at sanitizing the past and covering-ass. This WILL get us another 4-years of seeing the Republic dismantled, if we don’t take the initiative somehow and change it. Romney has thus far seemed pretty immune to much in the way of the mud-slinging but that will change, right after the Newt is in the crosshairs and I suspect it’s going to be even nastier than what we saw with Cain.

We really, really are likely to get a candidate hand-picked by Ogabe and his thugs, UNLESS we get our collective shit together and get Rick back into the race. This is all public opinion and Perry hasn’t done a damn thing that most of us have done as well. I think Perry has weathered most of what the left had on him and if all they can come up with was a painted rock there’s no reason for him not to be able to come back hard.

All of the evil, nasty things the left has gotten away with for decades has now reached their peak running up to ’12. If we as a country can’t find the wherewithal to once and for all to destroy the politics of destruction this time around, we never will.

-Carry On

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