Now Ace is retaining water as well, simply not believing that Newt, being an admittedly and obvious not exactly “true conservative” candidate and that’s putting it mildly, could possibly hold a commanding lead over “whatever you want I’ll say it” Mittens.

It obviously still hasn’t dawned on some people: After three years of a scumbag SCOAMF who lied through his teeth every time he opened his mouth, the people of this nation aren’t quite ready to hand over the office to somebody else who, no matter what letter he might put after his name, is every bit as much of a lying, narcissistic, self-loving, weather vane, dishonest scumbag as SCOAMF.

We guess that the “serious thinkers” as in “can’t put up a post less than 45,000 words on the issue” haven’t quite yet gotten to the point where they’re ready to admit that the only “electable” candidate is hated and despised even more than the subhuman sack of shit he’s trying to replace.

Keep phlucking that chicken, why don’t you?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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