Yanno, the last couple months have been nothing but one despondent moment after another from where I sit.

Let’s take a long hard look at the current political landscape, where we are and how we got there. The GOP after a slow start has a fairly wide field. Things are a bit difficult because we Conservatives, can’t really get behind any of them because what we really would like to see our dream ticket which is sitting this one out.

The Donald throws in and if anything, it evokes some enthusiam from our side, if only the less informed types, with the lackluster bunch we have. That was short lived, as the media does it’s thing and Trump essentially immolates himself with their help, not that most of us had considered him as a serious dude. L-rd knows we had some good debates on this site, concerning just that.

Now Perry throws his hat in. A lot of folks really want to get behind Rick, in SPITE of his flaws and gaffes. We in Texas know him pretty well and we’ve done pretty good by him, if he wants to go to DC we’ll help him, but if he doesn’t the governor’s job is still there.  Comes the debates, and we notice the first series are corrupted moderated by known leftists who ensure the debates create internecine warfare and causing damage to public opinion, as the candidates start the mud-slinging. The general public gets some distorted opinions from the media as they decide who won and lost.  I looked at a LOT of media sites about this and “Teh Establishment” ™ were every bit as lying as the midiots. Thus we start the Great GOP Whack-A-Mole™ game, all to the advantage of Ogabe and his minions. The game shoots Rick down because he just doesn’t have the verbal acumen to fire from the hip in a debate type setting, especially when he’s been forced into battle. Rick stumbles and bumbles, has brain fade and the damage is done. That doing poorly in debating doesn’t matter in reality, yet the MFM tells us he is done, and the Fiddy-Twower Short Attention Span™ types jump off his wagon at the behest of the media, totally committed to “Teh One Twue Messiah”. That Rick is still a damn good candidate matters not as the ‘opinion’ generated by the Dead Tree Media (and especially the GOP machine) overrules common sense, the fact being he’s a veteran chief executive  running Texas for 10 years and being reelected three times. Rick starts going down in flames, at least as measured and presented to us by the pollsters. The 52’r assholes are thus validated in their forced opinion and quickly go back to watching the Kardashian harridan/whore’s phony marriage kerfluffle.

Now we have Cain, and again smart conservatives take a second look and he seems pretty solid. His numbers shoot skyward, he passes Rick and ends up in a dead heat (for awhile) with the  Evil Mittens Twins™, and the GOP establishment on cue, goes ballistic that their savior just might have another challenger. AP falls into a deep, dark depression and needs an intervention by his pals along with lithium treatment. True conservatives laughed and danced for awhile watching him melt down.  Right on cue,  a bimbo eruption happens to Cain, if I can resurrect the term. The MSM AND the DC GOP’ers are dancing in the street. AP promptly shoots onto the manic swing and we add thorazine to his diet.

Of course (and as expected) the establishment does nothing whatsoever to defend Cain against the ludicrous, improbable accusations. It’s critical that the establishment continues it’s mission to eliminate all competition for “The Deserving One” and here we go again with the primary gladiatorial games.  We learn a LOT more about the accusers backgrounds, and their credibility is impeached…hard.  When you have a case wholly without evidence or corroboration by credible third parties, your integrity is everything from a legal standpoint. The case entirely fails, even with the trotting out by another trailer trollop claiming an even more outrageous long-term affair with the Herminator. Of course, the facts clearing Cain are deep-sixed by the opposition and wholly supported by the LSM bastards dishonest coverage.  Cain takes a nasty fall, and the damage has been done as the LSM tells us his supporters are abandoning ship, using the dishonest polling as evidence. Cain is written off by the damned Fiddy-Two’ers as a womanizer . To them, only the initial part of a scandal matters, and they can’t be bothered to take another look later when the facts are known to refute everything accused.

We have many, many cases where this is true. The Short Bus™, ADD riddled cock-bites consistently falls for the tried and true demonRat tactics….again. So many of these alleged scandals end up as totally bogus, lying, scurrilous, and dishonest bullshit it’s amazing. But that stoopid group will not, and never have heard the rest of the story. They are easily manipulated by the left, which knows they can expect no contention from the GOP.  Oh no, and we have lies that stand for decades because the Party Of Stoopid refuses to engage. I had hoped that this time around the GOP would finally engages to destroy this tactic, but the Stoopid is too deep to defend anybody or anything, playing the gentleman, “new civility” card. It’s fucking infuriating for me to see this trick being used again and again and again. Their (GOP) game plan on matters like this ensure the other side always wins. But damn  if I am just damned sick and tired of seeing them bending over once again for every hard-dick on the other side, while simultaneously blowing the media types in desperate hope they might write something nice about them. The establishment repubicans are like the dopey kids on a playground, anybody and everbody can do anything they please to the poor slob, and at most, they’ll barely whimper, seeming to beg for more abuse. We out here scream at the TV or ‘puter that the fucking cowards won’t do a damned thing to defend themselves.

Now we are looking at Newt, just desperate to find a nugget to support him. This guy has enough baggage (most of it utter bullshit) that the Machine doesn’t need to research much. On cue, they’ll trot out some gold digging trailer-trash with dubious claims about a gratuitous grope, a love child, a long-term tryst, and yet another, fill in the blank sexual encounter. It’s expected of any GOP or conservative candidate, being the evil people they are right? We all know that the sainted democrat party operators are all pure as snow contrasted to the repubes. Those splooge stained dresses and twitter screen shots of man-packages were all a totally fabricated, Rovian plot, right? Move along, nothing to see here folks. The Newt hand-wringing has started,  as I just now heard FNC’s
Carl Cameron speculate as to how Newt will do with a lot of TV cameras on him and the ‘reporters’ attacking him.

Here’s my view out their, your mileage may vary.

We are fucked, at the moment. Very fucked. Here’s what I see, by the numbers, it’s not entirely inclusive of all, but critical to my viewpoint.

1) We have the LSM more desperate than ever, continuing to line-up for suckling Sir Golfasalot even as his presidency falls apart with one amateur decision after another. The media has a huge investment, in their unqualified support for him since 2007, that admitting now he’s a phony, lying cocksucker that never deserved to sit in the Oval Office chair, let alone actually govern from it cannot be tolerated.  They’ll be happy as attack dogs for Ogabe, being the action arm for the statists. They get marching orders directly from Axledouche and are happy to surrender their souls for “The Cause”.  We can also count on the GOP inside-the-beltway, establishment types continue using them also, in defense of Mittens.

2) We have a deeply flawed field of candidates, that can’t seem to defend themselves against phony allegations and accusations. They fuck-up  during debates, fail to vigorously defend themselves calling BULLSHIT to the charges and just don’t seem very competent in anticipating the level of attack they’ll be dealing with. Good grief but they’re stoopid here, a sixth grader can figure out that anything short of being a perfect Eagle scout in their backgrounds will make for fodder. Even then, if they’re clean, they MUST anticipate shit made up out of whole cloth is going to be thrown at them. Fer shit sake man, think !

3) We have the GOP Establishment trying again to foist a shitty candidate up our asses, eliminating any any and all contenders, not by his strengths but so far, by being the ‘Last Man Standing’.  Jeez peeps but this is Ground Hog Day or Deja Vue all over again as the great Yogi would say.  Can anybody over there actually see how stupid they’re being. It is EXACTLY a repeat of the McLame fiasco.  Hell, if Mittens gets the nod I’ll bet he’ll concede just like McCain did at the very first bad projections. Fuck a bunch of this bullshit that the WH is afraid of Mittens. They’re hanging back, laughing and collecting every flip, flopped by Romnuts which will be used and their neutering the fucker on ObamaCare during debates. RomneyCare is a massive iceberg in front of Mitten’s candidacy and no amount of denial on his part resonates as a conviction.  He can tell us all day that “RomneyCare was OK for Massachusetts (even though the state is bankrupt as a result of it’s epic fail), but NOT OK for the Feds and Country, but we out here in reality land aint buying that shit. Besides the thought of another New England liberal, machine-backed republican is anathema to most of us. The midiots will have a field-day, honestly attacking his weaknesses. They don’t have to make shit up, the man has more than enough baggage to fill a tandem tractor-trailer.

Added up the outcome is obvious. O wins by default as our side falls apart, and many choose to sit it out. I’ve already seen that viewpoint on this site and it’s dead-fucking wrong. Ask yourself this question: Many folks chose to sit out 2008 because of precisely the same reason. What did it get us? 4 years of hell perpetrated by a guy we knew damned well was a socialist shitbag. So now we repeat the ‘protest’ and let O win in a cakewalk, just to fucking protest not getting ‘our’ guy on the ticket. Grow up dammit. Under the present system we’ll NEVER get what we want, so surrender is the solution? Sitting it out is surrender plain and simple and do we rLLy want to go there? We absolutely must, must, MUST vote this go ’round, at the very least we need to vote for congress and perhaps get both houses under control to stymie whoever gets the WH. As “The Great One” sez, vote for a juice can before letting Ogabelini win by default. We sure as hell won’t ever change anything by letting our enemies get exactly what THEY WANT.

Here we be, stuck ‘tween that rock and hard place as the saying goes. What to do? Surrender is never an option, and serious action is called for. I have some ideas about what MUST be done, but they aren’t complete. Let’s have that discussion, what must we do to get ourselves out of being on the defensive and seizing the opportunity to reclaim the offensive and the initiative, that’s the only way to win. We’ve said on this place many times that sitting on our asses is NEVER acceptable in this battle, we must take a stand and fight.

Discuss and do carry on.

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