In which Chairman Ann educates all of us on the numerous broken promises of the NSDWP of the past.

Which ought to be illuminating in a time when we’re being told that the StuporCommittee only failed because the Republicans refused to accept tax hikes in return for promises of spending cuts in the future.

Spending cuts that are, of course, never going to happen. But the immediate tax hikes, sorry, “revenue enhancements”, are, of course, going to happen right now.

Ann points out, which should be obvious to anybody who’s ever cracked open a history book (GOP RINOceros please go back to sleep), that no promise from the NSDWP is worth the paper it is printed on, if printed at all. We accepted amnesty back in the 80s because we were promised border control in return. That never happened. We accepted a withdrawal from Viet Nam in return for a promise that we’d support the South Vietnamese government in their fight against communism which, of course, never happened. We were promised that the Reagan Tax Cuts would be honored by a cut in government spending which, of course, never happened.

Liberals lie. They haven’t an honest bone in their bodies.

And now we’re supposed to believe that the only reason that the StuporCommittee failed to come up with results is that the Evil Conservatives refused, unexpectedly (and we do mean unexpectedly because they’re just about the dumbest wastes of protein to ever walk the planet), refused to fall for that old trick? If anything, we ought to be celebrating the fact that the GOP grew an actual brain. The evolutionists ought to trumpet this achievement in support of their mythological beliefs.

The only rational response to anything coming from a liberal’s mouth is “he’s fucking lying and what’s his angle?”

If liberals want to convince me that they’re serious about deficit reduction, all they have to do is to put the reduction ahead of the cart.

But they won’t do that, because they’re a lying bunch of shits.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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