So Freedom Works wanted to have a meeting to discuss options to do something about the deficit. Senator Mike Lee reserved a room for them, followed all the rules, only to have Kapo Schumer shut the meeting down for fear that they might come up with a proposal. They were only having a meeting, they were following all the rules, but the NSDWP considered that too dangerous to allow it.

They have a “Ear Leader is going to save us from a do-nothing GOP Congress” platform to save for next year since it’s all they have left, and any discussion that might hamper that is to be shut down, prohibited and stamped out.

Smitty, of course, is a naive idealist fool:

I submit that every right-thinking blog should post this video, and increase the pressure on Congress. The Tea Party Budget is all about doing the job that Congress abdicated. Senator Schumer should be disciplined and ejected, so that his falsehood is no longer a drag on our government.

No. It’s past that, Smitty. “Disciplined and ejected” no longer has any meaning in this nation as nobody ever has to face it, no matter how grave their crimes. We’re way past that point. Procedure won’t stop the NSDWP fascist takeover of this nation. Heck, it can’t even get past a slap on the wrist for serial criminals and traitors to the Constitution.

We killed that option when the Party of Stupid decided that following the rules and demanding that the other side follow them too was “uncivil”, “unhelpful” and “Visigothery.”

Where’s we’re at now is the last box, the Rule of Law is dead, and we can thank the spineless GOP as much for that due to their stubborn and cowardly refusal to stand up for it as we can thank our nation’s enemies in the NSDWP for it.

It’s time to drag them all out, blindfold them, line them up against a wall and mow them down with machine gun fire.

Then charge their families for the cost of the bullets.

The Romanians didn’t “discipline and eject” Ceausescu, as you might recall, and we’re at the same point now.

Or we can just roll over, play dead and wait for the inevitable.

You’re hoping for something that doesn’t exist anymore. This nation stopped being Constitutional decades ago, and getting it back to that point is not going to be pretty.

But we will post the video, since you asked:


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By Emperor Misha I

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