Thanks to a tip from LC Intellectual Conservative, we learn that yet another judge has actually bothered to read the law he’s supposed to uphold and, lo and behold, actually understands the principles set down by those ancient fuddy-duddies from “more than a hundred years ago” that JournoList’s Ezra “I’m Every Bit as Daft as You Think I Am” Klein can’t seem to comprehend:

Justice Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court in Pensacola ruled today that the primary mechanism used by the health reform legislation to achieve universal insurance coverage–the individual mandate–is illegal. If his ruling stands it would void the 2,700 page, $938 billion health reform bill passed last year.

And one of his arguments, all of them pure gold in this age of boundless imbecility:

Vinson rejects the administration’s argument that the health care market is unique since nobody can truly opt out–and that not buying insurance is in itself an economic activity since the cost of care then falls on others. Vinson mocks this argument, writing: “Everyone must participate in the food market… under this logic, Congress could [mandate] that every adult purchase and consume wheat bread daily.” If they didn’t buy wheat bread they might have a bad diet which would put a strain on the health care system, he writes.

Which is exactly correct and at the very core of this issue. If the Ogabe Junta’s argument is allowed to stand, there will be NO LIMITS to what the government can force you to do, regardless of how much “pragmatic conservatives” piss their tutus whenever somebody brings up the slippery slope argument because that would just be… “uncivil!”

The more we think about it, the liberals of today remind us of the Red Army. Crude, primitive but strong in numbers and relentless fanaticism, whereas the “pragmatic, civil, so-called ‘conservatives'” remind us of the fwench “army.” Never met an enemy they weren’t willing to bend over for in the name of “pragmatism” and “getting the best deal we’ve decided we can get, principles be damned.”

Is the battle won? Not by a long shot, but at least we’ve got somebody else pointing out that if OgabeCare is allowed to stand, we might as well call the American Experiment over and submit to an eternity of taking it up the arse from DC.

And if that’s what I wanted, I’d have stayed right where I was born.

You can’t shackle a free man or woman who believes in liberty. At best, you can slap the chains on a corpse.

Once you get done wading through the piles of corpses of your totalitarian friends, that is.

Bring it. I’ve lived long enough already. Not long enough that I don’t want to live any longer, but long enough that I know that my life isn’t what’s at the top of my list anymore. The liberty of my children and their children is.

You want to go up against that, you bed-wetting Ogabe cultists? Be my guest. I’d rather you didn’t, and I can’t guarantee that I’ll like the outcome, but I can guarantee that you won’t like the journey.

A coward dies a thousand times. Once is enough for me.

Just. Bring. It.


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By Emperor Misha I

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